$600,000 for Supercharger- Corriere.it

$600,000 for Supercharger- Corriere.it

A Chinese motorist received a $600,000 bill after charging his electric car in a Supercharger. Basically there will be an error in the counting and billing system

Proprietary charging stations Tesla chargerIt is a strong point for the American company because it allows you to do so fill up quickly. However, the strange episode in which the protagonist witnessed a Chinese user possessing a 3 . model, showed that even the American company can be exposed to some topics, even very exciting. According to what was reported by the newspaper CnEVand later confirmed by Weibo user @滤镜 粉碎机, the car driver I received an alarming warning from the app Tesla: A notification that your vehicle has been blocked from the charging network due to Unpaid amounts of 3,846,306 CNYagree 608,708 dollars and about 536 thousand euros.

Over $608,000 in account

One could imagine shocking a driver who also had Supercharger credits available for free. From the screenshots of the messages received by the user, it is possible to note 1923,720 kilowatt-hours (about 2 gigawatt-hours) of energy, at a cost of CNY 2 per kilowatt-hour. It is located around Enough to fill your 2020 Model 3 Standard Range Plus about 32,000 times, from 0 to 100%. The user after being banned from the Tesla application requested an explanation from the US company’s customer service, and confirmed it There was a bug in the backend systems for some vehicles and that the problem will be resolved soon. According to the thesis presented by CnEVPost, the error will be due to the so-called update Occupancy rate For the Chinese Super Charger (Tesla recently introduced a stall charge after the charging period).

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A record in China

Regardless of this strange episode, Tesla is doing a pretty solid job in China. In the first two months, the company led by Elon Musk totaled 116,360 vehicles (data extrapolated from the China Passenger Car Association). Specifically, 59,845 cars were sold in January and 56,515 in February. This is superlative growth, given that these figures, when compared with the figures of last year, when Tesla put 18,138 cars in the same period, recorded + 208.5%.

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