Your expired cream is worth its weight in gold: see what you can do with it, its alternative uses will blow your mind

Your expired cream is worth its weight in gold: see what you can do with it, its alternative uses will blow your mind

Do you have expired creams or ones that you no longer use? Don’t throw them in the garbage! You have no idea how beneficial it is for you.

Who knows how many times you’ve rearranged the cabinets in the bathroom and found bottles of products you no longer use! Body creams, sun creams, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, all the things we bought – maybe because at that moment we loved having that product, with that specific scent, but when we tried it we didn’t like it at all! Sunscreen is a classic of abandonment: we buy it in bulk, but it’s still around even if it’s expired.

This happens because we have been urged to be good consumers, and buying things we relatively need seems inevitable! But there is no longer time to act like this, we have already done enough damage to our planet and we realized that recycling is important to avoid waste but also to protect the environment: All of these products end up as undifferentiated waste and the bottles they contain are all made of plastic! Recycling is vital for us and the environment.

Let’s see together the alternative uses for creams that have expired or that we no longer use.

As we said, we often buy a lot of body or hair creams and cleansers that then remain unused in our home cupboards and we no longer use them (or have expired in the meantime); But how can we recycle them and avoid this waste? There are many possibilities to reuse them, let’s discover them together!

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Body creams: It can be reused as a scrub for dry skin: just add some sugar or baking soda to the cream, and it will be a perfect scrub.

Hair oils: By nature, it is ideal for polishing shoes, bags, and even furniture! Body oils can also be recycled as a lubricant for jammed locks.

How to use expired creams –

Expired body creams: We can recycle them as hair compresses: add a little olive oil or yogurt according to our needs, and it will have the same effect as the specific creams we buy for our hair!

Sunscreens: Due to the elements it is made of, it is ideal for polishing faded leather shoes and bags; They also have the ability to clean oxidized objects, which return to shine, by passing a small amount of cream over them with a cloth. Sunscreen is also effective for removing excess glue, or glue remaining when removing a sticker from an object, and for removing ink stains from hands.

Shampoo and shower gel: They are detergents, so we can use them to wash anything that is not porous, even a car. Let’s not forget the balm that is very useful as a softener.

The alternative uses of these products are many and we can avoid throwing them away when we stop using them or they expire, but let’s also remember the bottles they contain: using permanent markers and scissors, let’s unleash our imagination and make them into objects for the home so that the recycling process is complete!

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