Live | Slow farmers' marches this afternoon in Bergueda, Bages and Urgell

Farmers are once again taking the lead on tractor rides at major road junctions linking the Nile River Pyrenees I'Barcelona areain regions Perguedahe Berries I'Orgel. to C-16The tractors began a slow march Between Perga and Guardiola de Pergueda Which has already started to cause data retention: 5 kilometers In the north between Noo de Bergueda and Serres.

Tractors began to advance in front of the Berga resort camp site with the aim of making a circular route to Guardiola de Bergueda and back to Berga. Some plan to wait for Guardiola and from there they will join the march Blood circulation will be complicated At a point where many are returning to the Barcelona metropolitan area from places like Cerdanya.

A slow march of tractors between Berga and Guardiola de Bergueda (ACN/Maria Bélmez)

Also fill a Orgill and Pages: to C-53between two Angelsola and TornabusThirty tractors Cut off the road In both directions of travel, causing… 7 kilometers of queuebetween two Villagraca and Tornabus. Twenty tractors protesting C-55between two Solsona and Syria. Another slow march complicates traffic between them Talarn and Salas de Ballarzto C-13.

Slow-moving tractors complicate traffic on the C-53 between Ángelosula and Tornabus

“What we want is change, and the sooner the better.”

“We talked to everyone, they all gave us good faces and kind words, but what we want are changes, and the sooner the better,” he said. Edward LeDouxPeasant spokesman in Brigida before the protest begins.

The slow march, according to organizers, “is the most convenient mobilization that involves fewer organizational problems in a short period of time.”

With these new protests, farmers will close for a week Historical Due to the size and participation of the crowds that began on Tuesday and continued on Wednesday with a tractor trip towards Barcelona.

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More protests next week

Mobilization will continue this week with protests Mercaparnathe Port of Tarragona And also for'N-2 at the peak of Figueres On Tuesday, February 13, and with one Total focus in Madrid On February 21st.

Farmers and ranchers have staged several days of protests to mimic the mobilizations seen in recent weeks in France aimed at highlighting their discomfort.

The agricultural sector demands support High costs And the Effects of drought To stop abuses in the food chain and ensure fair prices, not less than cost. This request is also linked to a request to end unfair competition for products imported from outside the European Union.

Another pillar of the protest is the demand to reduce the bureaucracy that farmers and ranchers have to deal with.

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