Tesla Model 3 dominates car sales in Europe in March. And the Y model is the third – Corriere.it

Tesla Model 3 dominates car sales in Europe in March.  And the Y model is the third – Corriere.it

specialization Tesla: In the first place 3 . modelin the third law p . model. This is not the sprint arrangement for electric cars, but the arrangement European sales. in March The Model 3 was the favorite of buyers from the Old Continent (23013), such asIt already happened in September 2021. On that occasion, the news caused quite a stir because it was the first time on that platform for an electric car.

Tesla Model 3

This is the smallest and least expensive model – the starting price is about 50 thousand euros, but it immediately rises by 4 thousand euros if you want to add the advanced autopilot, the driving assistant system – among those produced by the brand specializing in luxury electric cars founded by the entrepreneur South African Elon Musk, by the way, just finished buying Twitter.

and the Y model

The Californian company, this time was not satisfied with the first place in the sales ranking, but also took third place overall with SUVs Model Y which, with 18.968The second best selling electric car. To divide the two sisters only Peugeot 208: 21.026.00 Sell ​​samples. Single The fourth best-selling golf game in historyAnd Fifth Sandero It is, however, the only model in the top ten to increase sales compared to the same month last year: +12, with 16,778 units sold. Excellent result for Fiat: 500 third among electric Bestseller in Europe with 6579. The Italian Accord works well, seventh, also in the general classification.

Models on tap are better than diesel

As confirmed by me Data from GattuThe popularity of low-emission cars continued to increase last month. The Plug-in and electric hybrid cars as well (PHEV and BEV) with a total of 244801 new registrations They have outdone diesel enginesWhich stopped at 20,213 units. For BEV and PHEV, this equates to a 10% increase in volume, while for diesel engines, the volume is reduced by 39%.

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Top ten sales in Europe in March 2022: Electricity

Tesla Model 3 23.013.2
Tesla Model Y 18.968.1
Fiat 500 Electric 6579
Kia Niro EV 5.217.1
Volkswagen ID.4 5.009.009
Peugeot e-208 4.201
Renault Zoe 4.054.1
Hyundai Kona 4.032
Dacia spring 3989
BMW i3 3.768.1

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