Claim the municipal division

Claim the municipal division

Jose Rafael Pascual Villaplana, boss Barcelona Municipal Band, is a man of consistency: since he took over the institution in 2018, he has tirelessly insisted that the ensemble's music should be honored and has always wanted it to be evaluated according to the same standards as any other orchestra. In the interview, it was granted to clouds On the occasion of the ceremony big wind orchestra, Which will be held in Hall On April 28, he joked: “There are journalists who criticize me because I always say the same thing. Very true. And I will keep saying it!” For Alicante, this recognition means explaining the work well, as well as introducing the reference created specifically for this type of training.

Jose Rafael Pascual Villaplana. Photo by Mayo Circus

In this sense, the proposal is entirely in line with this goal and, as the director points out, it claims the status of the ensemble from its very structure: a short work (Where the fog dissipates, to Pedro Ortizfrom the formative classroomsSmooth), a concert with a guest soloist (Concert in Tuba, Op. 139, to Jorge Salguero, Where to share Sergio Carolino​) And a piece of ammunition, in this contemporary case (Symphonia No. 9, op. 160, to James Barnes). In other words, the same approach as symphony orchestra concerts.

Regarding the first part, Pascual Villaplana would like to highlight the cooperation agreement with SMOK, which will be embodied on the occasion of the establishment​ ​ of a good number of the school's students in the ranks of the band and in the same arrangement for Ortiz. This helps to dispel the prejudices that lack of knowledge imposes on the musicians themselves, who are increasingly interested in the task of training. Appearing on the stage of L'Auditori de Carolino, the director mentions the extreme virtuosity required by Salguero's score and the stellar aura that surrounds the soloist, which attracts a large number of fans and allows the discovery of an instrument as poorly explained as the tuba. . What better than a concert written especially for her to shine and for the audience to appreciate her expressive potential.

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Barnes, who is also a tuba player, envisions his symphonic work (remember, it was intended for the band from the beginning) as a novel, the possibility of taking the time needed to express all kinds of emotions. The ninth, from 2018, will be the last of his own free will and brings together all the knowledge accumulated during his fifty-year career. With the first movement having tragic colours, and the second, shaped likescherzo, It seems to reinforce the composer's acknowledged desire to write a waltz at some point in his long career. The third, mysterious and dreamy, contrasts with the comic touches of its predecessor while the fourth takes the form of a fanfare brimming with energy and colour.

This diversity brings us back to the words of director Pascual Villaplana: We need to dismantle prejudices and show that this kind of training is not second-class. This goal will be achieved by exploring expressive possibilities, contributing to new creativity and presenting pieces from the wonderful repertoire, classical or contemporary, designed for the ensemble. The BMB can be an instrument of contemporaneity, as Auditori demonstrates, and should be claimed as an essential piece of the Catalan musical panorama. The Great Wind Orchestra project should be an important step on this path towards full recognition.

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