A Place in the Sun, Marina’s Representation of Her Marriage to Roberto: Will It Last? Who can say

A Place in the Sun, Marina’s Representation of Her Marriage to Roberto: Will It Last?  Who can say

How will the marriage between Marina and Roberto develop in the upcoming episodes of place in the sun Due in ray 3?

The appointment with the evening TV series still promises big turns and the events of the historical couple whose historical Palazzo Palladini dynamics have always been in the center of attention.

Marina and Roberto: the atmosphere of the crisis after the wedding in the new episodes of Un posto al sol

During the last dates with Un posto al sol broadcast on Rai 3, the audience was able to witness the new wedding between Marina and Roberto.

The two choose to marry and at the climax they come to terms with the unexpected arrival of Lara, Ferry’s ex-partner who has returned to Naples precisely because of the couple’s ill-fated ‘yes’.

Lara’s presence left Marina speechless, worried that Lara would once again undermine her happiness.

The truth is that for the next few episodes of Un posto al sol, Marina will not be calm at all and will test her relationship with Ferry again.

“Who can tell”, the representative of Marina from Un posto al waheed talks about her wedding with Roberto Ferri

But what will happen during the season? Will the couple be able to find the serenity they once had, or will Lara plunge them into a deep crisis?

Actress Nina Soldano spoke about this marriage in a new interview with the weekly magazine directed by Riccardo Signoretti.

The actress said from Un posto al sol: “Will the marriage with Roberto continue?

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Waiting to know the repercussions of the love story between Marina and Roberto, previews of the new episodes of Un posto al sol in March reveal that there will also be room for sad news that will finally lead to the outrage of the public. Residents of Palazzo Palladini.

Teresa’s death shocks Sylvia: UN progress in March 2023

Suffering a sudden illness, Teresa will be declared dead: for the woman there will be nothing for her to do, at which point the family members will let themselves go into general despair.

First of all, a hard blow for Sylvia, who has already been through a difficult period at work for some time and is now preparing to say goodbye to one of the most important people in her life forever.

Teresa’s sudden death would also leave a bad taste in Othello’s mouth. After sharing so much of his life with Sylvia’s mother, this mourning won’t be easy to accept.

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