Assets 412 million (but it costs 24 a year to maintain). Here is the value of Imu and Ici

Assets 412 million (but it costs 24 a year to maintain).  Here is the value of Imu and Ici

Silvio Berlusconi He leaves the fortune to the heirs (about 6.4 billion according to Forbes), very little personal debt, but the management costs will have to be borne. Wonderful housing arcor (Villa San Martino), Machero (Villa Belvedere), those in Sardinia Porto Rotondo (Villa Certosa and Villa Dattilo), Villa Zeffirelli in Rome and Villa Due Palme in Lampedusa, to maintain them, took heavy burdens.

Light and newspaper expenses

As shown in the 2022 financial statements of Immobiliare Idra, owned by Messaggero, the real estate company with the largest real estate, directly controlled by the deceased Berlusconi To 99.5% of Marina and Pierre Silvio for the remaining 0.5%.Typical operating cost of 24 millioncompared to 2021 by 2.8 million as a result of the general increase in labor costs, external processing and energy.” It is evident from the newspapers that against Edra’s net assets of 176 million, The value of the real estate assets of the villas is 412 million.

Edra owes shareholders (the deceased Berlusconi and his two children) about 76 million and debt to bondholders 178 million. Exposure to the banking world is limited, 229,036 euros, while exposure to suppliers is large: 4.8 million, up 748,997 euros compared to 4.1 million in the previous year. Trade payables consist of bills to be paid in the amount of 3 million and invoices received for purchases or services made during the year for 1.8 million.

Among the payables of the shareholders, 67 million refers to an interest-free loan granted by the shareholder “who has the right to demand repayment at any time, subject to proper notice, and a new loan was disbursed during the year A loan of 9 million against a payment, on which interest is accrued at the rate Euroribor for one month (3.3% yesterday’s figure) + 1.5% ».

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However, the housing department includes not only the fees payable, but also the revenue from the rental of about 20 houses and other owned property which generates 4.8 million euros, an increase of 180 thousand euros compared to the previous year, while other revenues (refunds of costs incurred Tenants Home Management), up to 14.8 million ».

There is always some curiosity in the cards. For the villas, Berlusconi paid Ici-Imu 369,376 euros: The figure seems modest but only because the municipal tax introduced by the Monti government in 2011 in the Salva Italia maneuver, calculated on cadastral values ​​and not on real values. Another curiosity put on paper in the report signed by Giuseppe Spinelli, the accountant who was always on the knight’s side, 628 euros were spent on newspaper and magazine subscriptions in the villas, meaning that one newspaper was bought a day. A company canteen for 11 budgeted employees costs €8,577.

Berlusconi’s will: 100 million for Marta Fassina, villa and residence in Arcor? The most reliable hypothesis

Personal debt: 5.5 million

Coming to the parent company Dolcedrago, in the 2022 accounts the investment in Idra is recorded at a historical value of 159.7 million with equity of 57.1 million. Dolcedrago has a debt only to the majority shareholder (Berlusconi) for 190 million equal to an interest-free loan to be repaid at any time, up to two million dollars. There are two types of guarantees in the financial statements: one of 1.5 million issued in favor of Edra, “the other of 9 million to guarantee a credit facility in the current account for private banking services in Intesa issued by the majority shareholder and renewed until the end of the current account. year”.
Finally, Berlusconi’s personal debts, according to the Italian central bank risk in April: of the agreed amount of 43.5 million, he used only 5.5 million and they were all credit lines with due dates (loans, mortgages, account opening). Of the remaining 38 million available, all canceled (in cash), he did not withdraw euros from bank relations: Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Bpm, Mps, CreVal.

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