The bomber who killed Shinzo Abe wanted to make a bomb

The bomber who killed Shinzo Abe wanted to make a bomb

The 41-year-old attack writer appeared before prosecutors on charges of premeditated murder and formalizing arrest

motivation –

The attacker ruled out political reasons, asserting that his mother had made a “big donation” to a religious organization that he held a strong grudge against, believing that she was linked to Abe. The generosity of women caused severe financial problems for the family. A source, reported by Kyodo again, explained that Yamagami told investigators that he had initially intended to “attack the leader of a religious group,” but then decided to target the former prime minister.

Media: The police are working after the first shot.

According to the reconstruction conducted by the public network NHK, the police officers on duty at the rally site in Nara, where Abe was giving a speech, did not recognize the suspected man in the crowd until they heard the first shot.

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