It can be seized and donated to Ukraine

It can be seized and donated to Ukraine

the castle

– There are very few, he explains times, to be aware of the Russian interest in Seacox Heath. According to an investigation by the newspaper, the castle – located in the countryside around Tunbridge Wells, on the border between Kent and East Sussex – could be included in the list of 18 Russian state properties in England that could be expropriated and sold to Ukraine.


– In recent days, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss – who has been indicated in the UK as a possible successor to resigning Boris Johnson – has said she is considering freezing Russian assets in the country and donating them to victims of the war in Ukraine. As I mentioned before timesMost of these properties – with a combined value of around £100m – are located in the north London borough of Highgate. The region is frequented by Russian diplomats and oligarchs.

Russian property

Among the offending assets is Witanhurst, the second largest house in London after Buckingham Palace. The owner is billionaire Andrei Gureyev, approved by the British government. Moscow also has luxury condominiums in Kensington and three townhouses in Holland Park. According to timesalso Seacox Heath.

A (also) legal war

Kyiv is also considering taking legal action to acquire 18 properties under the eyes of the British government. according to timesUkraine’s ambassador to the UK, Vadim Prystaiko, wants to sue Russia before judges to force Moscow to sell its holdings on British soil and share the profits. Not only that: he urged all Ukrainian embassies around the world to do the same. It could be the beginning of the War of the Sealed Leaves, in addition to the war already underway in the field.

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