Chinese attempt to bomb US aircraft carriers (they are photographs, for now …)

Satellite imagery tells of a sophisticated reconstruction of an American aircraft carrier in Xinjiang. This will be the target of Beijing’s missile programs

The firing range for the Chinese military has been completed in recent weeks and is located almost entirely in the Taklamagan desert in Xinjiang, the main part of the Silk Road and the center of tensions between China and the United States. The Beijing government is for Uyghur minorities (Washington and other joint capitals are talking about “genocide”). Reconstructed targets include an American aircraft carrier and two Orly Burke class destroyers. Expressing it USNI News Analyst of satellite images provided by Maxar.

“According to press reports in 2013, the site is close to the former firing range used by China to test early versions of its DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles,” the article, signed by experts, said. HI Sutton e Sam Lacron This underscores the Chinese focus on US naval warships.

“Unlike the Iranian naval aircraft carrier target in the Persian Gulf, the new facility shows signs of a structured and complex firing range,” they continue (Iranian exercises She worked f for a yearTo). In fact, not only photographs but also poles are used for radar reflectors to simulate the ship’s superstructure: this is a step forward compared to the targets in Tehran and the two targets already set by Beijing.

The People’s Liberation Army missile forces have several ballistic missile programs under their belt. The Pentagon released its report last week (Analysis here I explain the purpose of Beijing and especially this Armed Forces: to keep American aircraft carriers at gunpoint throughout the Western Pacific.

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(Photo: USNI News, Maxar Technologies)

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