The Body of Discord – Report

The Body of Discord – Report

by Giulia Inocense
In collaboration with Lidia Galeazzo, Greta Orsi and Giulia Sabella
Portraits of Carlos Dias, Marco Ronca, Paco Sannino, David Fonda, Giovanni de Faverie
Graphics and editing by Giorgio Valati
Image search Eva Gorganopoulou, Alicia Bellaggi, Paola Gottardi

Why did the government swear war on cell meat?

Italy is the first country in the world to ban cell-based meat, after a set of signatures promoted by Coldiretti against “artificial food”. The sector is constantly evolving: after Singapore, even the United States gave the green light to cell-based chicken, and investments in this sector have continued to grow exponentially. Could this new law put Italian companies already active in cell-based food out of business? If the European Commission gives the green light to this product, will Italy be able to ban its import? Is lab-grown meat safe? Projections say that by 2050, meat consumption will almost double. To protect the planet, given the environmental impact of intensive farming, alternatives must be found. And in the Netherlands, the government is adopting a plan to reduce farmed animals by a third. Will we be next?

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