Weather app: Google’s new bombshell solution arrives that no one misses | Don’t leave in bad weather, live in peace

Weather app: Google’s new bombshell solution arrives that no one misses |  Don’t leave in bad weather, live in peace
Google Weather –

Now that Google has focused its attention specifically on tablets, fans of the company are on the lookout for a great little revolution.

In addition to showcasing its new devices, in fact, in recent months Google has attached great importance to updating its applications, including Google Calendar and Google Weather.

Now that the long-awaited tablet is available for purchase in many countries, Google wants to show its commitment to not only developing physical devices, but also One of the most popular features of all. Google weather forecast For example it has been completely renovated.

Among the most noticeable changes one cannot fail to name The huge amount of information which is now available exclusively on Big screens, such as a Pixel tablet or just the Pixel Fold. The interface now displays precipitation graphs and images, as well as humidity, pressure, and UV index.

The novelties are clearly visible in both the light and dark version of the theme and both horizontally and vertically, showing Perfect adaptation of the application to the screen The device that the user is holding, which also ensures that they can easily navigate the different sections of the application.

How does Google Weather change

The differences compared to previous versions, however, do not end here, in fact in the department “today” the The background changes depending on the times and weather conditions. At the top of the app, once you open it, the miscellaneous will also appear Weather alerts Such as heavy rain, excessive heat, or sudden strong winds.

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What is left is the same instead frog, The classic mascot that has been accompanying the weather forecast for quite some time now has beautiful illustrations. The only flaws in this update, at least as reported by users who are already using it, are mainly related to Widget copywhich still contains old graphics, and ‘Wrong’ answer provided by Google Assistantwhich will only provide the Nest Hub interface and not the new updated app.

However, the new version of the prediction app has now been created Exclusively for Pixel Tablets and Pixel Folds And the date when the update will also be released for the rest of the Android devices is not clear, in fact, no version has yet been expected on these devices, which will have to settle for the old interface for some time now.

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