Xbox Game Pass: 5 games will be removed from the catalog mid-May 2023

Xbox Game Pass: 5 games will be removed from the catalog mid-May 2023

from the official app Xbox Game Pass We got to know 5 games who will come It has been removed from the catalog Maybe in the middle of the month, that is, approximately May 15, 2023As usual, these removals are every two weeks.

The five games that will be removed are as follows:

These are smaller titles but they are all interesting, so in this case we advise you to focus on them in order to complete them before removing them or buying them and also take advantage of the discount associated with their status as Game Pass titles.

My friend Pedro is a bizarre action-platformer that focuses on hyper- and crazy action, inspired by action films and games of the genre, but offering an irresistible satirical reinterpretation, highly recommended. Before We Leave is a “hexa” city builder, which allows us to build cities by making squares like a kind of puzzle, in addition to having to manage different aspects of them.

Hearts of Iron 4 is a war simulation in the form of strategy that re-proposes the settings and situations of World War II, Umurangi Generation is a special photography-focused adventure within a strange world and finally Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair It is the second chapter in the popular visual novel series with an exciting tone and traditional Japanese flair. We also remember the mid-April 2023 games announced by Microsoft, waiting for their new arrival.

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