Personal data that is made public but everyone believes is private

Personal data that is made public but everyone believes is private

Your personal data is not subject to privacy, here's why: The expert explains how we protect our details.

Today our life has become increasingly public, thanks to the presence of many social networks. There are a few people who prefer not to subscribe to Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, because we are all now infected with the popularity craze. Despite this, there are still people who care about their privacy and do not want to flaunt their life and data to anyone.

Our personal data is not safe and hackers have nothing to do with it (

Unfortunately there are different Today's strategies for violating our privacy, even if we do not give them any consent to use or share our data. Mobile phone number, name, surname, even home address and other very personal details are used for who knows what purposes. Here's what an expert lawyer says about our personal information, which is no longer so personal, and how it can be violated in a completely legal way. Social networks and hackers have nothing to do with it this time.

Personal data that we think is confidential, but is not

Social lawyer Angelo Greco He explained that anyone can know where we live and this fact is not reassuring at all. In fact, a scenario emerges that puts us all on alert, because if anyone could find out our address, we could be victims of criminals. This, given the facts we so often read in newspapers, certainly puts us in a state of panic. But how does data that we think is covered by privacy come to light?

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How can privacy be violated?
The social lawyer explains how our privacy can be violated (

The lawyer explained this You can obtain a residence certificate For a specific person simply by contacting the municipality. “This is public data -explains- You will never know who is investigating you because the municipality cannot tell you. Anyone can find out which houses are registered in your name, just go to the IRS to request a document and inspect all your properties.”.

Anyone can also find out whether we pay our debts and for this it is enough to go to the Chamber of Commerce and see if there are any protests against us. We can also find out the value of our home, explains attorney Greco. In conclusion, you can contact these public offices for You have information about your personal lifeIn general, about who we want: therefore, we are not as secure as we think, even if we decide not to subscribe to social networks and flaunt our private lives on the rooftops.

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