No more problems with the sun in the car, the new device will make the car immune: the models it fits

No more problems with the sun in the car, the new device will make the car immune: the models it fits

The wonders of technology led to the creation of a roof capable of blocking the sun's rays: what is it?

One of the “disadvantages” of cars is the inability to fully enjoy the sensation of movement and the sun on the skin. Unlike two-wheelers, cars are actually closed and prevent wind and sunlight from passing directly onto the heads and bodies of the driver and passengers.

Thanks to the innovation introduced by Renault, the sun will no longer be a problem for drivers –

This feature certainly increases the safety of those in the car (there is greater protection in the event of a collision or accident) and ensures greater comfort in harsh weather conditions, whether in winter or summer. But there are those who cannot give up the feeling of the breeze in their hair or the sun on their skin on winter or spring days.

To overcome this “inconvenience”, cabrio or convertible models were created in the past, but now technology allows us to guarantee Solar rays pass through without being harmful On the skin or annoying to anyone who drives or rides a car. This is possible Thanks to Solarbay roof Designed by Renault in collaboration with Saint Gobain, a company specializing in crystal manufacturing.

Renault's “magic” roof: how it works and on which models it will be available

During the presentation, Renault explained that Solarbay allows you to switch from full transparency to opacity electronically, thus eliminating the presence of annoying opaque curtains. This solution, in addition to being in line with today's technology, allows you to save space inside the passenger compartment, specifically 3 cm for the head, and weight, due to this The “magic” roof weighs between 6 and 8 kilograms less Compared to traditional ones.

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Renault Solarbay is a technological revolution in the field of panoramic roofs in cars – YouTube @renaultgroup –

Equipped with liquid crystal technology similar to that found in televisions or monitors, Solarbay gradually transitions from a completely transparent state to a completely opaque state. Moreover, the opacity works in waves: it is possible to make only part of the roof opaque – perhaps the rear part to allow passengers to sleep without being disturbed by the sun – and control can be adjusted manually from the dashboard or via voice commands.

In order to avoid inconveniences during the summer, the roof It is polished automatically when the car is not running. However, when you restart the car, there will be no need to reset everything, since the on-board computer will remember the last settings. A gem of technology that Renault guarantees will be safe and resistant as well.

The roof is actually built in layers, in the outer part there is a layer that repels UV rays, and in the middle there are different layers of PVB – a material used for safety glass that prevents it from breaking into small pieces in the event of a collision or accident – which increases the Thermal and sound insulation. Finally there is the PDLC inner layer that allows for dimming.

For now, Renault will only allow customers to implement Solarbay in the French automaker's flagship models, the Scenic E-Tech and Rafale. In short, it's a luxurious option to the top models from Transalpine, a high-tech delight that's not within everyone's reach.

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