Magic or science? Biodynamic warfare. Podcast –

In bureaucratic parlance, only one text appeared regarding the protection, development and competitiveness of agricultural, food and aquaculture production using organic methods, known as Ddl 998. The law that defines organic production as an activity of national interest, recognizing a social and environmental function – A long-awaited law by the peasant associations. The Chamber approved it on Wednesday, February 9th, at the end of a process that was painless, especially after the Senate, in May 2021, changed the text amid thousands of controversies: the bill contained, in fact, the equation of organic farming with biodynamic agriculture, sparking a revolution in the scientific community. Before Accademia dei Linceiand then Senator Elena CattaneoAnd finally the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Baresi, who outlined biodynamics in November Quite frankly, witch-like: so had to interfere President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella To reassure him publicly. The council repealed that initial clause, allowing passage of the law, which is now in its fourth reading, in the Senate. However, the question that has been raised in recent months is not just about agriculture, but in general our relationship to science, and in today’s episode of the Corriere Daily podcast they talk about it Francesca Gambarinifrom the Economics Editorial Board, e Antonio FerranteProfessor of horticulture and floriculture at the University of Milan.

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