Mendes also suggests it in Italy

Draw Champions League completed today (Discover all Jeroni here), which is the Champions League for the first time He risks not seeing Cristiano Ronaldo play.

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His agent Jorge Mendes is trying very hard to avoid this scenario And he wants to put the Portuguese phenomenon in a team that plays in the Champions League this year. Currently, He’s also trying with Napoliso contacts have been resumed in the last few hours after the first conversation in early August.

Mendes’ plan: CR7 also proposed to Napoli

At the moment, it is true that the Napoli striker’s club has already been greatly enhanced by the club, with the arrival of KvaratskheliaAnd the raspaduri And the Simeone. Also for this reason, Jorge Mendes can solve the problem by making an important offer to Napoli for a possible sale of Osimhen. One possibility could be represented by the same Manchester United team, the current team from CR7, which could take the Nigerian to replace the Portuguese.


No updated negotiations yet, but a new and simple contact has been reached for Mendes’ strategic plan, not a real will for Napoli. The club is betting heavily on Osimhen, and the hypothesis can only be formed if a “three-figure” offer arrives for the Nigerian striker – an offer that has not yet arrived.

It’s not easy seeing her arrive from Manchester United, who is already buying a young player like the Brazilian Anthony from Ajax, in large sums. On the other hand, the concrete interest in Osimhen comes from Germany, with Bayern Monaco Who watched the 1998 chapter a lot during the year. However, for now everything remains in the “Suggestion”.

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Not only Napoli: Ronaldo also proposed to Milan and other places

This, however, is Mendez idea, who is looking for the best possible solution to allow his client not to leave the Champions League even for one year. So far only this. Jorge Mendes bid, in addition to Napoli, also call Milan To try and implement the same trick, in this case with a sale not Osimhen but from Rafael Leao.


However, Milan did not intend to sell Leao and did not follow this market hypothesis. However, Naples and Milan are by no means the only clubs with which Mendes speaks: among the various market hypotheses that have been born in recent weeks, throughout Europe, there are also teams such as ChelseaAnd the Marseille And the Sporting Lisbon.

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