“Government gives Calabria the opportunity to impose further restrictions on the non-use of fax machines” – video

catanzaro “Not vaccinating is a free choice, in my opinion unreasonable, because it is against science. But every free choice has consequences. And I am absolutely against making those who refuse to be vaccinated pay the consequences of those who decided to do so responsibly.” This was stated by Roberto Ochoto, President of the Calabria Region, in an interview with TgCom24. “Some municipalities in my area demand the application of ‘red zones’. This means limiting liberties to vaccinated and unvaccinated. I answer that if we ask Calabrians and Italians in general to vaccinate, to preserve their freedom, it makes no sense to restrict liberties even to those who have chosen the flag. For this reason, I asked the government—particularly with regard to the region which has been delegated in the name of Calabria and which has a dilapidated health system—to give us the possibility of placing more restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated, always as a consequence of their freedom of choice, not as a punishment.”
Still in the interview with TgCom24, Occhiuto then recalled that “in January, Calabria was the first region ever to introduce vaccines: the citizens of Calabria are responding with great responsibility. We have increased the target set by Commissioner Figliuolo by a higher percentage than other regions. Today, for example, we should have had 7 thousand management, we got to that number at 12, so we are likely to double. The positive thing – noted the governor, who is also Calabria’s health commissioner – is that we also found many first doses, so we are vaccinating many citizens for the first time. Despite this, Calabria has structural difficulties with the health system, has served as a commissioner for many years and has a dilapidated hospital network. We now have tremendous pressure on our hospitals, due to hospitalizations in the medical field rather than those in intensive care. However, the data tells us that these are basically hospital admissions of unvaccinated people, which is why we pay so much for vaccination, thanks to the support that General Vigliolo gives us, which really stands out for the country. And who performs this function with great self-denial, and renders a very precious service to the regions, especially to me.”

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