The atmosphere of crisis between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi: the break is imminent

The couple par excellence will be in crisis after 17 years of marriage. These are the rumors that have been circulating in the past few hours, according to which the two are now preparing to live apart.

It’s the granite couple par excellence, the one that marked the season of Italian gossip, the story between them Francesco Totti and Hilary Blasi It will creak. An atmosphere of crisis for the former captain of Rome and TV presenter, who, according to Dagospeia, will be on the verge of separation after 17 years of marriage and three children.

A crisis that started last summer

The geography of the crisis will start from the assumption that Beaubon and Blasey have not been seen together in public for some time and that they have been out very little recently. A few days ago, Ilari Blasi was seen first in the restaurant, and then in the historic Romanian restaurant Muccassina in the company of choreographer Luca Tomasini, who had recently taken a trip with her to Lapland. On both occasions there was no Francesco Totti and this must be added to an element that many have emphasized, which is that for some time The mutual social cues between the two are missing, which was instead a common practice until recently. Also last September, on the occasion of Totti’s forty-fifth birthday, there was no gesture from his wife.

to complete the picture From time to time the presence of Totti at Casale Paloccoin the villa where his mother lives, an area where the former No. 10 appears to be relocating, according to rumors of a breakup that had already arrived last summer. Totti noticed a lot of things he didn’t notice.Allegedly around her, the mindless aid under which Elari tried to keep him away from his family and people close to him.

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Elari Blassie Joke by Michelle the Impossible

Days ago, it was Elari Blasi who spoke on TV about her story with Mission Impossible guest Francesco Totti, poking fun at this aspect of social absence and how the moment was enough to feed the conversations about the two. : “As long as we haven’t posted anything on social media for a week and it’s a crisis right away.” What would the truth be?

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