Bonetti and Cattaneo inaugurate the 686th school year (photo)

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Thank you for transforming difficulties and obstacles into new job opportunities and energy. This is in summarizing the message of Unicam President Professor Claudio Petinari during his speech at the opening of the 686th academic year of the University of Camerti, which was held this morning at the Benedict XIII Center, with civilian, political, religious and military presence. the authorities. , whether in existence or in relation to.

In the video conference, the most awaited guest, Minister of Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti, held in Rome by the Cabinet convened by President Mario Draghi at the last minute at 11 am.

The President of the University who thanked everyone for the fight against the virus, by the Unicam CovidTeam Coordinator Professor Francesco Amenta, affirmed his commitment to vaccinating the faculty and non-teachers, and the students themselves for their willingness to continue their studies in attendance.

In her video message, Elena Bonetti stressed that universities are “a bulwark for the future in which women must have an equal role in science subjects.” Italy is on a good stage in this area with 15 out of 18 women, while the overall statistic is 1 out of 30 women.

Instead, her speech was given in the presence of another illustrious guest such as Senator and former scientist (pharmacologist-biologist) Elena Cattaneo, who asserted that science has no gender and brought some data and examples of women working as researchers and scientists, marked and made history . Among these are two examples: that of Rita Levi-Montalcini and that of Catalin Kariko, a Hungarian biochemist who has linked her name to the race for vaccines against COVID-19, using the messenger RNA method. The scientist, who is now Vice President of BioNTech and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, has dedicated her life as a researcher developing mRNA-based gene therapy, first to the fight against HIV and in this case against the COVID-19 pandemic. “The most important challenge is to remember and remind us that a researcher is not only studying for himself but for others in an effort to connect universities with citizens,” Senator Elena Cattaneo said.

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Today’s theme “The Opportunity of Science” was the leitmotif of this year’s opening of Unicam, which was opened with an intervention in a video conference by the new President of Crui and Dean of the Polytechnic University of Milan Professor. Ferruccio’s residence. “Camerino is a historical university, which from 1300 to today has managed to explain its time – and Resta emphasized – maintaining a history of innovation and change. It has managed to grow with change, a development that must be interpreted as a person’s growth. A title dictated by optimism and an example of Italy growing We finished the last year positively as Italy with positive economic balances, but the future challenge is technological innovation to support businesses and the future of families.”

“I think it’s important to keep in mind – how science gives us important and essential elements to face the future,” Claudio Pettinari said. Petinari who then emphasized future projects, including a new research center built using resources for reconstruction. “We are working towards defining the project – said the president of Unicam – both for the reconstruction of the buildings, but also for the psychological aspect of the people.”

The president of the university also referred to the investments that have been made and that need to be made, such as supporting the 30 students who play sports, recalling the satisfaction given to him by the fast middle-distance runner Ahmed Abdel Wahed in the Olympics, and the construction of a third gymnasium. , the ten scholarships to support Afghan students and in general more resources and investments on students and facilities in general.

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During the opening, the general manager of Unicam dott. Andrea Brasci, representing the students, Yari Verone, and Irene Pisani for the technical and administrative staff, and Stefania Selvi for the teacher and researcher. The Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction, Giovanni Legigni, was also a guest.

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