Casale Torre de V Rotary Music Show

Casale Torre de V Rotary Music Show

Aromas, colors, flavors and a thousand astronomical surprises welcomed the guests of the new version of Mad ZodiacTuesday, March 21 at Tor di Quinto farm.

The event he conceived and created Sarah Annon (President of the Association L’Alba del Terzo Millennio and President of the Rota Club Roma Aniene) Once again this year amazed and entertained with insights on cultural reflections and through the absolute hero: the Zodiac, narrated by astrologer, designer, painter and artist in all respects Massimo Bomba, which from constellation to constellation outlined the characteristics and opportunities that each zodiac sign will encounter in 2023. With the support of Pumbaa, a kind of “aesthetic” portrait of life for each of the twelve zodiac personalities emerges. The mine also found success and admiration as a painter because he held an exhibition of his paintings.

Emilio Petrini Massi, Marquis de la Fontanazaa member of the Ruta Roma Anniyan Club, has given etiquette pills to each zodiac sign taken from his latest book “Marquis stage – elegance, good mannersA formative novel that conveys, through family anecdotes, good morals in an astronomical key.

During the evening, moments of musical entertainment with the singer Marcella Furanaa Face pawning Its subject matter was surprise Marzia Miccucci To all guests, incl Meta Doctors the lion Maria Mons With her husband they are both Aquarius, Nadia Bangla with Gemini Alexander StocchiAnd Pippo FrancoVirgo with his wife Pira PacinoAnd Livio VallettaAnd Laura NochettilliAnd Alessandro D’OrazioAnd Valentina heels The lighthouse Rosanna Lanzon with Maurice MorettiAnd Emanuela SchiatellaAnd Roberta RossiAnd Paola PisaniAnd Anna Maria StefaniniAnd Sergio TerlitiAnd Riccardo Tommasini BarbarossaAnd Francesco Caruso Litericocolonel Bartolomeo CasoAnd Patricia VenturiLawyer Elizabeth Macrinathe teacher Biagio AndreoliAnd Sandra MineiroLawyer Lino BongiornoAnd Massimo IaccariniCarlo Pignatelli Commercial Director. Rosa AltavelaAnd Silvia Campanelli, Francis RossiAnd Marino Colaccianiwith Paula. Funds were raised for the “in Arte Precario” project promoted by L’Alba del Terzo Millennio, the Rota Club Roma Aniene and the 94th birthday of Mama Tita, the baby’s mother. Eleonora Altamonte, view her creationGreat zodiac group‘, which was previewed at the event.

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The astrologically themed menu delighted the palates of the guests presented on the catwalk, as is the tradition of PazZodiaco, with measles Inspired by their zodiac signs. license plateCrazy Zodiac 2023“, I went to Estela Camelia Enescu, who portrayed Taurus in a strict green silk suit as his zodiac sign persona.

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