Exclusive TJ – Ciabattini (FFP expert): “The penalty situation is more serious than the sports situation, in UEFA I rule out exclusion from cups. On capital gains…”

Exclusive TJ – Ciabattini (FFP expert): “The penalty situation is more serious than the sports situation, in UEFA I rule out exclusion from cups. On capital gains…”

The sports business expert was contacted by the TuttoJuve.com editorial team exclusively by phone, pee cobblersTo talk in depth about what’s happening at Juventus and beyond:

that idea yes he is did on me What is the price he is is happening in Homepage Juventus?

“The situation is the result of evil management that began many years ago. The income statement began to show a clear economic and financial imbalance starting from 2017, the year in which Juventus bought Higuain, a player now at the peak of his career, for millions .. which guarantees him a very high salary.” For four years, and in 2017 the balance sheet closed with a profit of 48 million unlike the previous two years closed in the balance, but this figure concealed a real loss.

in that sense? He said 2017 earnings were positive by 48 million.

“Because in this income statement, there were already 151 million capital gains from the sale of Pogba and other operations. The fact is that the gap between costs and revenues was already close to 100 million, which already amounted to 400 sales of significant value from there, the situation gradually worsened. Led A series of nefarious purchases and an incomprehensible hiring policy increased the cost-to-revenue gap to over two hundred million, consumed only in part by increased capital gains, roughly $600 million in four years, some of it clearly inflated, with no cash flow and worse still without any significance. Technical, and the most absurd signing was the signing of De Ligt, which happened after Ronaldo, who received a salary four times greater than Chiellini.

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but on me capital gainsAnd the exist previously I was a forgiveness.

“As for capital gains, Juventus has already been acquitted along with other clubs. Since there is no rule in this regard, it is therefore impossible not to respect it. The sporting part is less serious than the criminal side, but I am no expert in sports law and no penalty, but it is not difficult to assume that The situation with regard to the penalty is more serious: there is a false accounting and also a falsification of information, even if I think it was an involuntary case because the stock trend was the least thought “I believe that Juventus, thanks to the two recapitalizations in 2020 and 2021 for a total of 700 million, has complied with the registration criteria . I’m surprised no one has made this account yet.”

Can you tell us if Juventus would risk anything at UEFA level?

“Juventus entered into a settlement agreement with the highest European body in August with the obligation to bring budget losses in the three-year period from 2023 to 2025 within the 60 million set out in the ‘Football Profits Rule’ which replaced Financial Fair Play. This agreement was reached on the basis of The results of the past three years, we are talking about 2022, 2021 and 2020. It is possible that these financial statements will be adjusted on the basis of adjustments requested by Consob as well as by other institutions, which Juventus have already partly accepted.

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Let’s talk From payrollAnd the Committees garlic Client And the there Famouspaper Ronaldo“?

“Yes, let’s leave aside the capital gains which, if taken into account, can lead to changes in important values. If they are limited to unaccounted agents’ salaries and commissions, they will not add much to the loss and are already approved and will therefore result in a higher fine.” But still to confirm the settlement agreement. PSG, which emerged with a worse budget situation for 2020/2022, took a bigger fine but has SA’s option. There is no risk of being excluded from European cups.”

You think there he is a the hunt in witches In the comparisons affiliate Juventus?

“Yes, there could be, but Juventus is clearly more involved than other clubs. In the end, Juventus did not put in place a policy to postpone recapitalization, or if it did, in the end it wasn’t helping anything as it was recapitalized.” capital thereafter. The maneuvers, the parallel accounting and the unaccounted costs, obviously if confirmed, were useless because they recapitalized in very important numbers. In the end, Juventus did not take advantage of this. It was the result of a great confusion within the club and, unfortunately, also a lack of professionalism.”

Do you know Evelina Christlin? What do you think about his entry into society?

“When I heard her talk about numbers and budgets, I immediately fell in love with her. We speak the same language. The club’s financial balance comes first. You spend what you can. There are many ways to create added value without having to spend what you don’t have. Frequent winnings are crazy. They create Addiction. Every year you need more and in the end you find yourself making purchases based only on their research, completely ignoring the technical aspects. A healthy balance reflects positively on sports results. It is not at all certain that the opposite can happen.”

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yes I thank Paolo Ciabattini for the courtesy and assistance he showed during this interview.

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