The amnesty law once again benefits from the European election campaign

This Thursday, in Congress, images emerged of the Spanish government applauding and pro-independence MPs embracing each other for the, now final, approval of the bill. Amnesty law.

This and the People’s Party demonstration this weekend against this measure of grace are what made it happen The European campaign focuses on this issue.

together Defends the full legality of the amnesty against the person whose amnesty was approved for crimes of the Franco regime in 1977. According to Tony Comyn, the amnesty approved this week is fair.

Left-handed He welcomes the pardon and took the opportunity to criticize the right, as well as other parties that support the measure. Raquel Sans celebrated, in this sense, that Gwent, like the Socialists, also joined the path of negotiations.

from commonJaume Asens regrets that the right only mobilizes to reduce rights, and hopes that in the future they can add more to win some rights.

he s He insists on rejecting the amnesty law. He did it yesterday in the streets of Madrid, and today the popular president warned that it will be necessary to see how it is implemented, insisting that the text to be approved in Congress is clearly unconstitutional.

In the absence of proposals at the European level, amnesty remains the backbone of grassroots and popular efforts Citizens.

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