EU stock markets close well with cars and banks. US data under estimates, dollar depreciates

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – With the motivation of the kidney in the final match European stock markets Almost all of them closed at the end of a session of fluctuations, which had the automotive sector and banks as heroes, while the dollar still lost ground against the old continental currency, thanks to lower US data than expected manufacturer prices.

The FTSE MIB In Milan, Italian industrial production was better than before in November (+ 1.9%), in red. CAC 40 Paris with Zurich.

Wall Street is running, signaling that rising prices are slowing
Opposed Wall Street
, Unemployment demands (up to 230,000 units worse than expected) and manufacturer prices rose 9.7% year-on-year, a record. However, the theme of rising inflation remains excellent. Information December in the United States It was 7% on Wednesday (the highest level since 1982 and above 6.8% in November), but It did not scare the markets And confirmed what the head of the central bank had told investors Jerome PowellThat is, the central bank aims to control inflation without damaging the economy and will do the same for every measure of data efficiency and recovery. Lale Brinard, Is expected in the Senate for an inquiry to confirm his appointment as deputy chairman of the central bank. However, on a monthly basis the producer price movement was lower than forecast (+0, 4% compared to + 0.2% estimates) and this gives investors confidence. Inflation is starting to fall.

ECB: Inflation above 2% in 2022, ready to adjust instruments

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The bulletin issued by the ECB did not affect the performance of the markets. “The eurozone economy continues to recover. Growth is moderate, but it should return to a sharp recovery this year. However, the risks associated with inflation will rise to 4.9% in November, more than 2% for most of 2022, but will be moderate. The board is ready to adjust all its tools in the right direction and in any direction to ensure that inflation stays within the 2% target over the medium term. “

FTSE Mib Stock Market Trend

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For the attention of bankers, depart St. and Iveco

Looking at the titles, at Piazza Afari, buyers are rewarded Iveco Group, In a positive session for the European automotive industry, with Stellandis – Benefiting from Jeffries’ Positive Judgment – e Industrial license. That’s good too StemicroelectronAfter pointing out that the ics and especially the semiconductor industry, which follows the good performance of the technologies, estimates a strong increase in demand for Taiwanese Tsmc chips. OK pair Banga Bob ErUnipol It received an exclusive contract to acquire the garage on Scorsese Days. Is for sale Of diazepam, Remains at its lowest level since June 2021. Interpump and Ferrari are also down.

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