Trump Tuesday in court “no handcuffs, no confession” – North America

Trump Tuesday in court “no handcuffs, no confession” – North America

Mugshot, fingerprint, but no strings attached or guilty plea for Donald Trump On Tuesday afternoon, in the city where he made his hit, he will appear in a Manhattan court to formalize charges in the case of porn star Stormy Daniels. This is the prediction of his lawyers, who nevertheless warn: “There is no evidence to tell how a former president of the United States could be charged in a criminal court.” It is, in fact, the first time that criminal charges have been brought against a former commander-in-chief in the United States: a step that, however, according to the American constitution and laws, will not prevent him from continuing to run for the White House and from being elected. So much so that his campaign has already launched a new fundraising campaign, with Republicans blocking for the time being, while Joe Biden does not comment and the people hide the joy, thirst for revenge and anxiety behind the slogan “No one is above the law.” The hearing is scheduled for 2.15pm local time (8.15pm in Italy), in an already armored New York, with exceptional security measures in the most sensitive places, from the courtroom to Trump Tower. Fear of accidents, after Donald incites his followers to protest and “take the country back”, raising the stakes of “death and destruction”. Conspiracy deputy Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of her governors, electrified social networks by announcing that on Tuesday she would go to New York to protest by inviting others to join her “against the unconstitutional witch-hunt!”. It is not yet known if Trump will appear in what he hoped would turn into a display of arrest by “wild walking,” the degrading law enforcement practice of detaining a detainee by making them walk in a public place for the use of paparazzi and cameras. . The Secret Service and law enforcement will likely try to ensure everything is done in complete secrecy before bail is released. Surely more than 30 counts of institutional fraud will be read to him, which the defense will try to dismiss immediately, before the trial arrives: a number that portends a strong indictment, but no one yet knows what cards are in his possession, attorney Alvin Bragg. The story is about the $130,000 paid to porn star Stormy Daniels (now toasting champagne) not to reveal her affair with the businessman ten years ago during the 2016 campaign. The sum was paid by then-attorney – and now distinguished witness – Michael Cohen at Trump’s disposal, who He was going to reimburse him with company money under the false heading of “legal expenses,” also violating the electoral finance law. The risk is a monetary fine, if it is considered a misdemeanor, or imprisonment for a period of 1 to 4 years if it is classified as a crime. Like the attempt to frame Capone for tax evasion, that is, to say the least, for his crimes, noted The Atlantic, referring to other, more serious investigations pressuring the ex-boss. Trump was surprised by the indictment and “shocked at first,” his attorney Joe Tacopina admitted, “but he’s ready to fight.” Also in the background is a dangerous clash of forces, with House Republicans who want to investigate the New York attorney general and the latter who is not intimidated: “Like any other defendant, Trump can challenge these charges in court but neither Trump nor Congress may object.” With the normal course of proceedings in the State of New York.” Now, however, the businessman can present himself as a “martyr”, convinced that the “political abuse of justice”, “electoral interference” and “witch-hunt” against him will “backfire against Biden”, in a presidential race where – According to a Marquette University survey – in the neck and décolleté by 38% each. With Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis remaining at the window, he defends the frontrunner but is ready to replace him.

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“Like any other defendant,” Donald Trump has the right to challenge the charges in court and take advantage of all protections allowed by New York State’s robust criminal justice system. What neither Trump nor Congress can do is interfere with the normal course of state action. Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg said this in a letter to Republicans Jim Jordan, Brian Steele and James Comer, the Republican chairmen of three House committees who requested investigative judge testimony and documents investigating alleged payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. .

Attorney Bragg also wrote to the three Republican House committee chairmen who attacked him in the context of the Donald Trump investigation. “As you know, the former president lashed out at Prague and threatened on social media that his arrest or conviction would lead to death and destruction. As committee chairs you could have used your ‘political’ standing to denounce these attacks and demand respect for the fairness of our justice system and impartial action To the grand jury, instead, you and your other colleagues have chosen to cooperate with Trump’s efforts to discredit and disparage the authorities’ “integrity and make unsubstantiated allegations” that the investigation is politically motivated.

Trump dined publicly last night at his resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, with his wife Melania and relatives in the wake of news of his conviction in Manhattan. The billionaire was gloomy, but according to informed sources, he wanted to show off his calmness and confidence, as the smiling former first lady was next to him, wrapped in a red dress, as evidenced by some photos published in the American media.

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“I love my father and I love my country. Today I am sad for both of them.” This is how Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, commented on the Manhattan indictment on Instagram. “I appreciate the voices from across the political spectrum expressing support and concern,” he added.

“Catch him and throw away the keys.” It’s one of the signs waved in front of the New York Attorney General’s office by a small group of Trump opponents to celebrate the impeachment of the former president. Another banner read, “Trump lies all the time.” But for now, the presence of the media and regime forces exceeds that of the protesters. Caution in the Big Apple is high due to the arrival of Trump who, according to rumors, should turn himself in to police on Tuesday. Starting today, all New York Police Department officers have been required to wear uniforms “as a precaution.”

Manhattan prosecutors have accused Donald Trump of paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet about their relationship. Thus, the billionaire becomes the first former president to be charged in American history. The grand jury’s decision is set to have unprecedented ramifications for American politics as well as impact the race for the 2024 White House, even if it doesn’t stop the billionaire’s race. Who really responded with the attack: “It’s political persecution and electoral interference,” “a witch hunt that will backfire on Biden.”

The grand jury vote came as a surprise as jurors were expected to hear other cases today and then take a vacation until the end of April. Not even Trump’s crew anticipated a decision, perhaps even the ex-president evaluating his next moves in these hours at Mar-a-Lago. The specific charges against him have not yet been revealed, at least to the public. What will happen now and when Trump is called to present himself to the prosecution is not yet clear: the details must be worked out by the Secret Service with the New York authorities, even if the former president’s attorney assures that his client will present himself automatically. And he will go through the appropriate procedures, from fingerprints to photos. In this case he must be spared the humiliation of arrest. The New York Times quoted one of his attorneys, Susan R. Nikilis, saying the billionaire could turn himself in to Manhattan authorities next Tuesday to formalize the charges against him.

Police in the Big Apple have been on alert for days for possible demonstrations and protests given that the former president, recalling an attack-like speech on Congress, called on his supporters to take to the streets and make their voices heard. Specifically, a scenario similar to the new Jan. 6 scenario is most frightening, and has prompted New York law enforcement agencies to step up security measures and online checks, with some shouting “civil war” for days in defense of Trump. “No one is above the law,” comments Michael Cohen, the businessman’s former attorney who later became the main defendant. “This indictment is just the beginning.” Republicans are already shouting, although the exact charges are not known: They are talking about an “outrageous” decision. Eric Trump, the son of the former president, defines the indictment as an attack on a political opponent. His references are to Democrats and to Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s first African-American district attorney. In the House of Democrats, everything is silent for the time being, as well as in the White House of Joe Biden. The porn star’s indictment is just one of the open investigations against Trump, whose legal situation could become more complicated as the vote approaches. Among the open investigations were those conducted on January 6, those related to voting interference in Georgia, and those related to classified papers found in Mar-a-Lago.

Support came from the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, who said — speaking of the plaintiff — that he had “irreparably damaged our country in his attempt to interfere in the presidential election.” The archenemy of the former president, Ron DeSantis, also endorsed him. “Manipulating the judicial system to advance a political agenda subverts the rule of law, which is un-American,” he said. “Florida will not respond to the extradition request,” DeSantis added. Former Vice President Mike Pence also commented that “Donald Trump’s indictment is outrageous.” According to Pence, “For millions of Americans, the trial is nothing more than a political move.” And he stressed that “accusing a former president” is “harming the country, which will further divide Americans.”

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