The Bishop of Solsona will now marry for the sake of the Church

The Bishop of Solsona will now marry for the sake of the Church

BarcelonaHe is Bishop of Solsona. Ella, a writer with forays into erotic literature. Two and a half years ago, news of this unique relationship shook the Catalan landscape and rivers of ink flowed. The waters have already become considerably calmer, and Sylvia Cabalole explained that she was finally able to marry her partner, Xavier Neuville. Moreover, they were able to do this for the church.

“Honestly, after a long time with us, it is no secret that I and Xavier were finally able to get married in the Church, thanks to the mercy of the Holy Father who granted secularization,” the writer explained. This was in a message she shared with her followers on Instagram. “I was in awe of the great human and spiritual quality of Pope Francis. It was a long road, but we were able to regularize our legal status: to be married as we wanted and to be able to receive Communion again.” According to Kabalole's writings, her ex-husband's position within the Church is exceptional: “He is still a bishop, but without being able to exercise ministry.”

Several photos from the celebration accompany the article. One of them shows the iconic imprint of the groom holding the bride in his arms while kissing her. Cabalole also explains why he decided to announce his marital change: “Many would have preferred to hide this information, but I have always believed that if you are convinced of what you do and feel, you should bet on nature, normality, and transparency.” They advance head-on, leaving no room for speculation and walking in the light. I do not believe that darkness is what deserves our love, nor does the Church.” With the perspective this gives her, she reflects on how she lived through the turmoil she experienced at the time of discovering the affair: “I also do not believe that the concealment that accompanied my husband’s resignation two and a half years ago now was not a success for the sake of Something.” He concludes: “Forgive me everyone who thinks it would have been better to keep the secret, but I cannot continue to act as I neither think nor feel.” Nouvel resigned unexpectedly on August 23, 2021 for reasons he did not explain.

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The couple has twins, born two years ago, and in fact formalized their marriage through a civil procedure in 2021 at the Court of Pau de Soria. Kabalole has three other children.

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