Stephen returns to help Brooke say goodbye to Ridge

Stephen returns to help Brooke say goodbye to Ridge

Various events will take place during the new episodes of beautifulwhich viewers will be able to see in 2023 on the screens of Canale 5 TV. The plots of the TV series produced in the USA reveal that Donna will ask her father Steven Logan To return to Los Angeles to help Brooke through difficult times due to the breakup with Ridge Forester.

Beautiful, previews: Brooke crying out loud at the end of her wedding

The TV previews Al Jamila, regarding the episodes that are currently being broadcast in America, reveals this Carter Will spies on a conversation between Bill (Don Diamont) and Brock.

In this regard, the lawyer will discover that the man intends to get into the good graces of both Hope’s mother and Katie (Heather Tom), when she sees that he is “pleased” with them. Needless to say, Walton will be so angry, that he wants to corner Spencer about his intentions toward the Logan sisters.

brookAt the same time, he will continue to fall into the dumps when he realizes he has lost Ridge forever. In fact, the woman will find out that the stylist intends to bring Taylor to the altar. For this reason, it will start Crying so bad to the end of her wedding. However, Logan will be able to count on Donna and Katie, who will stay by her side.

Donna arranges Stephen’s return to Hope’s mother’s delight

In upcoming episodes of Beautiful, the Logan sisters will try to stay close to Brooke, in order to cheer her up with some tricks. about it, Women He decides to surprise Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). In particular, Eric’s lover would ensure that Steven He comes with his new girlfriend Lucy to visit Hope’s mother (Anika Noella).

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At this juncture, the old man would try it encourage His daughter to overcome this very moment. Return of the actor Patrick DuffyIt’s been more than 10 years since he last appeared on the soap opera.

Ridge visits his ex-wife before his wedding to Taylor

ridge Meanwhile, Thorsten Kaye will have the cheek to go and say hi to Brooke on her wedding day to Taylor.

At first, Hope’s mother will think the guy has changed his mind. However, Forrester will inform her ex husband He went to see her only to see her off after making sure of her health condition. A decision that would despond Brock even more. While you’re waiting to see these twists and turns on TV, please note that the series airs Monday through Saturday on Canale 5.

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