Science, reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Engineered bacteria are coming

Science, reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Engineered bacteria are coming

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Bacteria could be an alternative route to carbon removal industry. This is a discovery led by a research group Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) And from University of California, Berkeley and posted in Nature magazine. researchers have engineered bacteria To produce new carbon elements for nature to provide a strong pathway for it sustainable biochemistry. Therefore, bacteria can be used Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Derived from the production of fuels, medicines and chemical products. The study uses bacteria to combine natural enzymatic reactions with a new, natural reaction called a “carbyne transfer reaction.” This work could also one day help reduce industrial emissions because it makes it happen Sustainable alternatives to chemical manufacturing processes which are usually dependent on fossil fuels. “What we’ve shown in this work is that we can synthesize everything in this reaction, from natural enzymes to carbines, inside a bacterial cell, just add some sugar and the cells will do the rest,” he announced. Jay Kisslingthe study’s principal investigator and chief executive officer (CEO) of J.Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Institute (JBEI).

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