This pleated midi skirt from Zara narrows the waist and defines the silhouette

This pleated midi skirt from Zara narrows the waist and defines the silhouette

We couldn't be happier to get Zara A piece that combines elegance and comfort. It's a flowy style skirt, so it offers excellent freedom of movement, while its precious detailing gives it structure and sophistication. Additionally, it features a high rise that flatters your body with an elastic waist that's adjustable with drawstrings for maximum comfort.

Zara has an everyday skirt, with an elastic waist

a Zara Our skirt will undoubtedly attract all the attention its way. It features a straight cut and streamlined design that gives it maximum comfort, while its high rise makes it suitable for all body types, and is an ideal choice for styling your figure in a subtle and feminine way. Additionally, its pleats give it structure and create a smooth, elegant movement.

In the same way, its elastic waist makes it comfortable and secure to put on and take off, while providing a personalized fit, because it has drawstrings. Its medium length is ideal, as it allows you to use it at different times of the year; On the other hand, they are printed in soft and delicate colors They bring a feminine and romantic touch That will captivate everyone.

Zara skirt

One of its great advantages is that It is very functional, You can combine it in different ways to use it for casual and slightly formal occasions. If you want an elegant look, you can pair it with a silk blouse in neutral colors and high heels, on the contrary, for something more relaxed, you can pair it with a basic T-shirt and white sneakers.

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It is made of light and soft fabric, ensuring all-day comfort, and it is also a safe investment, as it is resistant and durable. The only color available is blue printed, sizes range from S to L, and the price is 25,95 euros You can buy it on the web or if you prefer, come to one of them Zara physical store.

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