March 24, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Credit Suisse: “We are taking up to 54 billion from the SNB to boost liquidity.” Title splashes, stock exchanges bounce

The bank, which collapsed in the markets on Wednesday after Arab funds announced that it would not join a possible capital increase, explained the move in a note under the umbrella provided by the bank: “Necessary measures to create an easier bank.” Markets are hoping for gains after Wednesday’s drop

Credit Suisse Jumps on the bank you offer Swiss Central Bank He declared that he would “exercise his choice” by accepting it lend “until 50 billion francs Swiss, “about $ 54 billion,” to strengthen it and preventively liquid assets “decisive” action. The lender that collapsed in the markets on Wednesday after i Arab funds They announced that they would not eventually join Capital increaseHe explained the movement in the quartering note under the awning given by him snb and grant it supervisory authorities Swiss.

This additional liquidity will support Basic activity Hey Client From Credit Suisse while Credit Suisse takes value necessary measures to create one The easiest bank It focuses on the needs of its clients,” says the Swiss bank, which, in addition to boosting liquidity, is offering buybacks religion for approx 3 billion francs. in two movements Title From the Swiss bank signed up +40% In the Zurich Stock Exchange.

And eat European marketsafter careful closing in Asiacompensate by jumping off deep red Wednesday. business square It opened in positive territory with steady gains above 1% and even Frankfurt signs + 1.6%. Also a positive sign for indicators Paris And London. there European Commission He said he was being watched closely developments For the banking sector in the European Union we are in contact with the competent European and national authorities responsible for Supervisor” from banks. “As usual, we do not comment on daily market movements,” a spokeswoman added.

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