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Last Hour: Civil War in France!

No, wait, don’t stop the pressures. Do not kill someone. I was taken away very quickly: the war did not only erupt in France. In fact, if Eric Jemmoor trusts Elysee’s almost rival, it’s been raging for years.

“The civil war is already over,” the far-right policymaker argued on a broadcast on the French channel BFMTV on Monday. Already, the country is occupied by a crowd of immigrants. Already the suburbs are being Islamized. Already, the French are being massacred, heads rolling on the road.

Zemmour calls it the “bird of misfortune” and warns France of the existential threat that hangs like a black shadow. He is not a warner, but says that the alarm should sound: if nothing is done, the French would soon have lost the war. They will be replaced by others. Muslims.

This is not a myth, it is not a conspiracy, it is a relentless act, “he warned in his new book.

He calls it the “big alternative”.


We could not worry. We can ignore it believing that it will disappear. In France, his opponents tried it all. They failed. Six months before the presidential election, Eric Zemmor campaigned without becoming an official candidate, more popular than ever.

Former columnist Figaro Marine Le Pen follows in the poll. Sometimes he doubles her up – right, of course. The last study aired on Friday The world, With the aim of getting 16% of the vote in the first round, it was 15% for its rival. So Gemmore could qualify for the second round against Emmanuel Macron.

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For several weeks, he traveled across France to present his passion for the Great Replacement to as many people as possible. And his supporters are asking for more. Jean-Marie Le Pen even says she is willing to vote for her own daughter without voting for him. The founder of the National Front (now the National Rally) expressed confidence that his speech was “refreshing”. The world. “He says what I think, but with a larger audience.”

This should not convince anyone. Jean-Marie Le Pen wanted to say that gas chambers are a detail of history. At the time, his words were universally condemned.

Eric Gemmore, he says the Vichy regime is not so bad. Well, Marshall Betten deported foreign Jews, but it was to save the French Jews! This thesis is completely false, anti-historians. This time, however, it was not enough to condemn Semmor’s revisionism out loud and clearly.

Photo by Jackie Nigelon, Reuters Archives

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front in 2011

Why such silence? Jean-Marie Le Pen thinks she knows this. “The only difference between me and Burning is that he is Jewish,” he explained The world. It is difficult to call him a Nazi or a fascist. This gives him more freedom. ”


On October 7, Eric Gemmore compared Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker to Auschwitz doctor Joseph Mengle, who performed clinical trials on prisoners.

Is it the minister’s fault? Submit to the “Awkward Orders of LGBT Activists” and ask teachers to ensure that transgender people are properly integrated into their classes.

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World War II, again. The material is very serious, and comparisons, often crude and slanderous. In general, we avoid. Even Marine Le Pen, who was adamant that the national assembly should be held more frequently, banned these nauseating flights to his forces.

Eric Zemore is coming, he has not missed it. And it was a success.

Frederick Salad-Barrox, the former secretary general of Jack Chirac, was one of the few who dared another comparison. In the latest forum The world (1), Zemmour himself notes that he “borrowed strategies to seize power from the 1930s.”

[Zemmour] Provides a single answer to all problems: immigrant, Muslim. With yesterday’s Jew, everything has become simpler: we need to get rid of someone who is drowning us and perverting us.

Frédéric Salat-Baroux, in a Tribune The world

The former Mandarin writes that Zemmour goes beyond the normal racist Jean-Marie Le Pen. “By bringing man back to his religion, we are destroying what is common to mankind. From there, the worst is possible. Jemmour did not respond to the danger of civil war: he created it. ”


On Wednesday, Eric Gemmour pointed the weapon jokingly at reporters in the dormitory. One minister was angry; He called her stupid. The media went wild. Again, Zemmour dictated the political and media agenda of the day.

Bardos Florent Photo from PARISMATCH.COM

Eric Jemmore during his visit to the Millipole Exhibition in Paris on Wednesday

Suddenly another comparison comes to mind. With Donald Trump.

Well, one has some eloquence, the other does not. But the popular recipe is very similar. Almost copy and paste.

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Prior to Zemmour was twice convicted of inciting racial hatred by so-called “immigrants” and “rapists”, Trump called Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists.” Same words. The same hatred.

Trump’s slogan: Make America better again. Title of Zemmour’s most recent book: France did not say its last word. The same nostalgia for an imaginary land.

Former French ambassador to Washington Gerrard Arad tweeted: “Jemmour follows the strategy that led Trump to victory in 2016: polarization, creating controversy, no program, federal uprisings, talks catastrophic …”

Both are followers of “alternative” realities. Both kill “dominant ideology” by claiming to break the symbols of politics, saying “real things”. Both have been sexually abused and sexually abused by several women.

We both called them Demo clowns. We don’t want to take them seriously. In the United States, we know the rest …


In the latest issue L’Obs, Jean-Marie Le Pen returns to his “emotional relationship” with Eric Gemmer: “Saddam Hussein is the only person I have ever felt such natural sympathy for.”

How to tell

The 93-year-old was not surprised at Zemor’s progress. He blames his daughter, saying he should never have “demonized” the former National Front. “I told her. We had to wait for her to come to us. […] What an idea to want to catch the devil when the devil becomes popular! ”

Read the paragraph on Frédéric Salat-Baroux The world

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