The 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is attracting more and more countries

Vaccines are thought to protect most people from coronavirus-borne acute illness for at least six months, but the lack of data on the exact duration of immunity has prompted many countries to prioritize safety.

Like Great Britain, it has begun planning a booster campaign for a third dose vaccine without officially announcing it. It will start in September, targeting the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

According to the first recommendations of the English Committee for Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), boosters can help maintain immunity against COVID-19 and its new variants in people at risk of contracting the disease. A Fortiori Before winter comes.

The panel advised Boris Johnson’s government to give priority to the third dose to those aged 70 and over, those living in long-term care homes and those with immunodeficiency or vulnerability.

Logistics deadline

If a booster vaccine campaign for fall is to be confirmed, millions of people need to be well-informed in advance to plan the supplies needed to prevent the disease, health officials say.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited a vaccination center on June 21, 2021 at StoneX Stadium in north London.

Photo: Reuters

However, no final decision has been announced on whether to launch such a (re) vaccination campaign or on vaccines used in the third dose. Boris Johnson only pointed out that as a precaution, public health officials were advised to start the products.

We must learn to live with this virus. Our first COVID-19 vaccination program restores independence to this country, and our recall program protects that freedom.

An excerpt from:Sajid Javed, UK Minister of Health

The benefits of the third dose for younger people, many of whom are still receiving first and second injections, will be explored at a later stage, JCVI said.

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The UK has already vaccinated 85% of its adult population with the first dose of COVID-19, and more than 60% have already received both doses.

The injection of the third dose makes it possible to resume the production of declining antibodies over time, especially in the elderly who have been vaccinated for the first time, many public health experts argue.

Reorganize the immune system

In Israel, which had the world’s first and fastest vaccination campaign, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned Health Minister Nitson Horowitz.

After talking to some of the best experts in the world, I think the third vaccine should be given to people over the age of 50 from August to vaccinate all of these people by the end of September., Mr. Netanyahu argued.

Willie Keller The nurse rolled up his sleeve to vaccinate him.

Willie Keller, a 67-year-old German national living in Turkey, was vaccinated against Covit-19 on March 4, 2021 in Alanya, Turkey.

Photo: Reuters / Con Soydurk

In Turkey, Health Minister Bahredin Coca announced that hospitals would begin offering a third dose of the vaccine, which will initially be paid to health workers and those over 50.

France is also considering a third phase of its vaccination campaign. Professor Jean-Franசois Delphriesi, chairman of the Science Council, thinks For those over 60 or 70, take a third dose to stimulate the immune system, which is a little weaker when you are a certain age, He mentioned.

The third dose is expected to begin in the fall.

An excerpt from:Jean-Franசois Delfries, President of the French Science Council

In an interview Sunday newspaper, Stephen Boncel, CEO of Moderna, explained that it was necessary Vaccinate everyone at risk with a third dose from the end of summer, Especially those who received the first dose earlier this year.

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However, the head of the Scientific Council realized that there were no studies to determine the suitability of a third-line vaccine against COVID-19, which indicates that we have There is no definitive scientific data on this yet.

With information from AFP, BBC News, i24News, Courier International, l’Obs

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