Tonight’s storm brought winds of 60 km/h and downed trees in Berguida.

Tonight’s storm brought winds of 60 km/h and downed trees in Berguida.

Tonight’s storm left winds gusting to 60 km/h and downed trees in BerguidaDavid Font

Berguida was one of the central provinces most affected by the crisis. Storm of water and wind I crossed Catalonia Tonight from Sunday to Monday. The peak of the storm was between 2/4 of 1 and 2/4 of 3 a.m. when the AEMET weather station in Berga recorded Maximum wind speed is 61 km/h (2.00 h) i al Keralt Reserve, one at 57.6 km/h. This is the second highest data among all the data detected in the network of meteorological service stations in Catalonia, It is only exceeded by a wind storm with a speed of 80.6 km/ha.

In total, emergency services made 24 wind-related departures in Catalonia between 10pm yesterday and 9am this morning, three of which were in central Catalonia.

Strong winds caused Trees falling, For example, A Geronella. This was stated by the city mayor, Dr. David FontVia

David Font explained to Regió7 The municipal team has been working since seven o’clock on Monday morning to restore normal life to the town, as no personal injuries or major material damage were reported. Aside from toppling trees, there was a storm of rain and wind Light point damage dThe main road has begun School yard umbrellasElementary school Which were present in the shaded areas and caused stones, mud and dirt to fall on the streets near the fields that did not drain well.

One of the three trees that fell in Gironella is the Cal Miter Parkwhere access was cut off so it could be posted and removed. The other fell in the garden between them. Lalar Civic Center and CAP (Primary Care Centre). The third, on access street Urbanism at Cal Ramones. This road is closed to traffic until the tree is removed, but the development can still be accessed via another street.

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a long storyThe fire department intervened to remove tree branches that had fallen in the middle of the C-25.

a BergaThe accumulated precipitation rate until 7.30 am was 9 liters/m2, according to AEMET data. On the other hand, rainfall and wind were less in Bages and Anuya. The strongest line A laziness The speed was 30 km/h and about 2 litres/m2 fell. A equationRainfall decreased during the night (0.5 mm) and the strongest wind speed reached 20 km/h.

According to Meteocat, the rain will continue this Monday. Civil Protection activated the alert for the Catalan flood emergency plan (INUNCAT) on Monday morning in order to Flash floods expected in the Ebro River Basin. So far, the incidents have been limited to the city of Balaguer, where two retirement residences (Santa Maria Residence and Saint Dominic Residence) were flooded. However, no users had to be evacuated.

In central Catalonia, the warning for heavy rain ranges from 12 noon to 6 pm. Storms may Leave 20mm in 30 minutes. He can accompany them locally cold and strong winds. A warning warns of danger Everything everything Pergueda The risk is moderate in Bagis, Anoia, Moanes and Solsones.

As for temperatures, it is expected that on Monday there will be a drop in temperatures that may reach the maximum limit. 25 degrees and minimum at 15.

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