Sweden and Finland in NATO? It’s not the American plan / ‘No manipulation’

Sweden and Finland in NATO?  It’s not the American plan / ‘No manipulation’

We talked about war in ukraine On the occasion of yesterday’s episode of Ray Tree, White papers, a current affairs and politics talk show broadcast every Tuesday evening and hosted by Bianca Berlinger. Regarding from the United States there was Federico dogAnd Analyst at Corriere della Sera, journalist and great connoisseur of the geopolitical situation, who has been particularly focused on the now impending annexation Finland and Sweden in NATO, Atlantic Alliance.

According to Ramponi, he is doing himself Too much weight on us Regarding these recent events: “It is not a US plan to expand NATO with Finland and Sweden. These two states, two sovereign states, have freely decided. Two advanced democracies led by women from the left, with public opinions not indulging in hysteria.” Federico Rambini then added, repeating the concept: Let us not overestimate America by attributing to it an absolute capacity for this struggle. The Swedes and Finns are highly developed people, not puppets to be manipulated by Washington. Just as there is a danger of underestimating the role of the Ukrainian people.”

Rambini and Borgonovo on the US role in the NATO question

However, the journalist at La Verità thinks differently, Stefano Borgonovo, Also regarding Kartabianca, who is talking with Bianca Berlinger and himself dogHe explained: “The war will end when the United States decides that there will be no more fighting and will pick up the phone for real talks with Putin, who does not want to deal with Kyiv. The war does not stop by winning Eurovision or sending Putin to that country.”

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So Borgonovo added and concluded: “Our goal should be to To end this war as soon as possible which has claimed thousands of lives since 2014. The United States is a superpower pursuing its own interests, we must stop being dogs.” Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict regarding the position of the United States, very contradictory positions have emerged throughout the issue and it is clear that the debate continues until in these hours.

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