Foreign powers are leaving the largest base in Afghanistan

The withdrawal comes ahead of the Sept. 11 deadline, not as quickly as those who calculated the coded date for the July 4 U.S. national holiday.

There are the Taliban Happiness The departure of foreign troops from the facility, located 50 km north of Kabul, was the backbone of US operations throughout the 2001 war.

From there, airstrikes were launched against the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies, and the redistribution of troops was arranged.

Bagram Airport has been officially handed over to the Ministry of Defense. The United States and its allies have completely withdrawn from the base, and now the Afghan armed forces will defend it and fight terrorism., Fawad Aman, Deputy Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan tweeted.

A U.S. defense official has previously confirmed, anonymously All coalition forces He left Bagram.

We are happy From This departureTaliban spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid told AFP. Their complete withdrawal [d’Afghanistan] Allowing Afghans to determine their own future.

Afghan militants join the country’s security forces at a rally in Kabul on June 23, 2021. The Ministry of Defense is working with the militants to mobilize local militants, especially in the north, in an effort to curb the Taliban’s recent advances in controlling many. Major Districts.

Photo: Associated Press / Rahmat Gul

The last American soldiers will leave the Afghan territory from here At the end of AugustWhite House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Friday, before the deadline for the 20th anniversary of the 2001 attacks.

We are on the right track Planned, President Joe Biden told a news conference.

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A confusing situation

Since the start of this final withdrawal in May, the Taliban have increased their attacks everywhere, capturing dozens of rural districts, while Afghan security forces have strengthened their positions in major cities.

The Afghan military’s ability to maintain control of Bagram airport could be a key to maintaining security around the capital, Kabul, and maintaining pressure on the rebels.

In this regard, Joe Biden on Friday stressed that the Afghan government should now insist Can itself Especially to protect capital.

Departure of foreign troops from Bagram Indicates that Afghanistan is isolated, abandoned, and forced to defend itself against Taliban attacks.Says Nishank Motwani, an expert from Australia.

When they return home, they will see that the Americans and Allied forces have fought so hard to build them from afar that they know that Afghan men and women fought with the risk of losing everything.

An excerpt from:Nishank Motwani, director of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Division in Kabul

According to press reports, the Pentagon needs to maintain nearly 600 troops in Afghanistan to protect the vast US embassy in Kabul.

We will continue to provide security, humanitarian assistance, and partners with the Government of Afghanistan in the coming months., Said Jen Saki.

A hidden woman sits in the middle of the road with a child.

A woman is looking for money on June 25, 2021 on the highway connecting Baghram to Kabul.

Photo: Associated Press / Rahmat Gul

Residents of Baghram, for their part, expect the security situation to worsen after the withdrawal of foreign troops.

The situation is confusing […] There is a lot of insecurity and there is no government [assez] Weapons and equipmentMatiullah, who runs a shoe store in the Bagram market, told AFP.

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Since they began to retreat, the situation has worsened. No work […] Business is not working, Noted bicycle mechanic Fazal Kareem.

Selection goal

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of U.S. and NATO military personnel, as well as contractors, have positioned themselves on the Bakram site, which looks like a miniature city.

Once upon a time, it had swimming pools, cinemas and spas and fast food chains like Burger King and Pizza Hut.

The site also houses a prison for thousands of Taliban and jihadists.

It was built by the United States for the Afghan allies during the Cold War in the 1950s and was protected from the Soviet Union in the north.

People are digging up rubbish in the sun.

The Afghans are rumored to be carrying items left by Western troops in a large dump near the Bagram base.

Photo: Getty Images / afp via Adek Berry

Paradoxically, it was used by the Soviets after the occupation of Afghanistan in 1979 and was greatly expanded.

When they withdrew from it in 1989, it became a major issue in the ensuing civil war. At one point the Taliban were able to control one end of the three-kilometer route, while the enemy in the Northern Alliance was at the other end.

In recent months, Baghram has become the target of a alleged rocket attack by the Islamic State militant group, raising fears that it could soon become the target of a full-scale attack.

As of May, there are about 9,500 foreign troops left in Afghanistan, including 2,500 Americans. So far, this withdrawal has banged.

For now, only Germany and Italy have confirmed the withdrawal of their last troops.

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