The 10 classic cars you should invest in today: exceptional models

The 10 classic cars you should invest in today: exceptional models

Car & Classic, Europe's largest platform for buying and selling historic cars, 2023 came out positive, recording tremendous growth compared to the previous year, and ending the year with the sale of a great model, the Dino 246 GT. After the successes he achieved, he decided to open 2024 with drafting Rating of the best vintage cars worth buying today in Italy. According to experts, this is the right time to do business in the historical car market.

It's about to Classics and Youngtimers to be found discreetly, which provides good growth margins from an investment perspective and which also ensures an excellent relationship between quality and purchase and maintenance costs. Plus – obviously – a good dose of fun, you can't miss it: the emotion of driving these cars is a must. So let's see which models have the most appeal, according to Car & Classic, and for all budgets.

Models of the fifties and sixties

Among the classic cars worth investing in in 2024, we find: Citroën DS, model of the 1950s, a masterpiece of global automotive history. On the other hand, it requires some sacrifices in terms of maintenance – it has a complex hydraulic system. Its suspension is popular all over the world, but here it is necessary to turn to specialists. In Italy today there is a good example Between 15 and 20 thousand euros Destined to rise.

However, for the 1960s, the model proposed by Car & Classic is without a doubt Lancia Fulvia CoupeIn any era. Its strong point is the perfect design, born thanks to the drawings of designer Piero Castañero. The Fulvia Coupé was prepared in 1965 in the version with a 1216 cc engine and, with various mechanical upgrades, remained in production until 1976. It boasts a string of rally victories in its HF versionsIt is a car that never goes out of style, and is a source of great pride for the Italian automobile industry.

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1970s and 1980s: Vintage cars to invest in

Let's start with Mercedes R107 (1971-1989), which still captivates the hearts of his fans around the world. The hero of films, music videos and advertisements: he has made and continues to flaunt himself on many occasions. true legend, Which continues to satisfy everyone, thanks to its elegant line mixed with the durability and sober luxury of the brand. Built specifically for the American market, with 280, 350 or 450 engines, they are valuable cars designed to last 70-80 years; Their prices are rising but they are still affordable.

From the same years Fiat 130 coupe (1969-1971), with upscale velvet interiors, replacing leather – too tacky for a Fiat like this. With a V6 engine and manual gearbox, the Fiat 130 is a coupe of sorts “Brutal strength in an Armani suit” An emphasis on artistic refinement with pure, made-in-Italy style. At the moment, the selling price is low, but it has huge growth potential.

The queen of the 80s is the Land Rover Range Rover 3.9 EFi, A true vintage off-roader, refined and unique in its lines. Many Range Rover 3.9 EFs were built but at peak prices (i.e. the years between 2006 and 2012) many were cannibalized for parts or reworked. However, it still exists, and today there is also a large international community that keeps interest in this model high.

Legendary cars of the nineties

Car & Classica recommends investing in The legendary Alfa Romeo Coupe GTV and Alfa Spider 916, Biscione models are distinguished by their timeless beauty and still manage to boast low prices, even if they are exorbitant. Ideal cars to enjoy the desire to own a Youngtimer, they always offer the potential to sell well.

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Another icon of the 1990s is the 1996-1997 Audi TT Series 1, a car with a bold design with a low rear roofline, wraparound lights and an ultra-modern interior. The quality of the mechanics is outstanding: the 1 Series Audi TT can be bought cheaply and offers an amazing quality/price ratio.

Fiat also shows off a little gem from the 90s, not bad, there small boat: Italian look, curvy line, potential numbers, evaluated today Between 7 and 8 thousand euros. An enjoyable model even for young people, thanks to the ease of maintenance and available mechanical parts. A true piece of Fiat history: considered among the best, with models with a special body.

We conclude the list of vintage cars from the 90s to invest in in 2024 Aston Martin DB7 and Alfa Romeo Spider S4both of them “name, guarantee”. We can define the former as an essential part of the history of the British company, as it saved the company's fortunes by bridging the gap between past and present standards.

As for the second car, which should have been called “Duetto,” it is a distinctive car from the Italian company, loved by several generations. The S4 is the latest edition, very much an emblem of the sophisticated 1990s look, and appreciated by loyal Alfa Romeo collectors.

Vintage cars from the 2000s

The Mercedes SL R 230 is an SL (Sport Leicht) car with a retractable hardtop. The first series is of historical interest and can be found From 20 to 30 thousand euros In good shape. They offer the comfort of a modern car, great design, and excellent engines. The base engine is a low-consumption 350 6-cylinder, capable of traveling more than 10 kilometers per litre, then there are the 500 8-cylinder and 600 12-cylinder.

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The engines are excellent, according to company tradition. The basic engine is the 6-cylinder 350 with low fuel consumption, capable of driving more than 10 kilometers per litre, and then there are the 8-cylinder 500 and 12-cylinder 600 versions. Today, as Car & Classic recommends, it is still appropriate to focus on models with engines Updated AMG. It is true that their prices have risen in recent years: they have risen from 22-23 thousand euros a few years ago to a starting point of 50 thousand today. However, this is a significant investment, given the rare jewels: in fact, you need a good dose of luck to find them.

Founded in the UK in 2005, Car & Classic offers a selection of over 42,000 historic vehicles for sale including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, and is the largest online platform dedicated to buying and selling vintage vehicles in Europe.

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