Night into daylight in Europe, and even in Italy! Dates to mark on the calendar

Night into daylight in Europe, and even in Italy!  Dates to mark on the calendar

Even in Italy you will be able to see a total solar eclipse

The last solar eclipse occurred on August 11, 1999. After many years, it will be possible to see a total solar eclipse again from Italy. In fact, there will be two solar eclipses in a short time.

a’Solar eclipse It was his reasonblackness, viewed from the ground,The entire solar disk is next to the moon. It occurs when the moon is in the new moon phase. This is a rather rare phenomenon: the Sun, Moon and Earth should be perfectly parallel in this order; This is only possible when the Moon, whose orbit is inclined by five degrees relative to the ecliptic, crosses the latter at a point called a node. When the node is between the Earth and the Sun, the Moon’s shadow passes over the Earth’s surface and a solar eclipse occurs. Because of its elliptical motion around the Earth, the Moon can cause two different eclipses: an annular eclipse, that is, when the Moon is in the part of the orbit furthest from the Earth and its disk does not completely cover the disk of the Sun.
Total eclipse (which concerns us), we have when The lunar disk completely covers the sun’s disk Make the crown visible to the naked eye. A total eclipse is something that only happens in a specific place. In each place there is a very large area where the Sun’s disk is only partially hidden (partial eclipse).

Here are the dates to keep in mind and write down. The first is August 12, 2026.
In Italy the sun will cover up 90% in Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont, while In Florence and Rome by 50%Low darkness over the rest of the southern regions.
Instead, the eclipse will be total in Spain So spending summer vacation in this state will not be bad at all.

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The second date is August 2, 2027. The areas that will be most covered by the sun will be found in southern Italy, Portugal and again in Spain (although further south). In Italy only an island Lampedusa We will see full coverage of the sun (100%) as well as North Africa.

Finally we rememberPartial lunar eclipse Waiting for Italy October 28, 2023.
For more information about this event click here.

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