War in Ukraine, is the space station really in danger of falling? Who is behind the threats from Moscow?

War in Ukraine, is the space station really in danger of falling?  Who is behind the threats from Moscow?

From 2018 Dmitry Rogozin is the Director General of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos. Prior to assuming this position he was Deputy Prime Minister of Seven years Russia’s ambassador to NATO three. He has two Twitter profiles, one in English and he’s no longer active 2017, and one in Russian dedicated to what he calls “personal notes”. As you can imagine, in this profile, the story of the war in Ukraine is not exactly what it presents 17 days We read in the international media. The writing that stands above all tweets is Russian lives matter And in summary, we can find memes about big tech companies in the US compared to the Nazi hierarchy, and cartoons of Tom & Jerry Paraphrased and also quoted by Francesca Donato, Palermo was elected MEP on the league lists but then left the group for her anti- green lane. From this account, all the Russian threats affecting the International Space Station in the past few days have come from.

The latest arrived a few hours ago. Dmitry Rogozin has published a map highlighting all parts of the Earth that are usually transmitted by the International Space Station. The map is accompanied by the caption: “Roscosmos has sent written requests to NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency to remove illegal sanctions against our companies.” The message is clear: Without Russia’s help, the International Space Station is in danger of collapsing. The collision would not be a concern for Russia, given that the station flies over only a few regions located along the southern border of the nation. Then Rogozin explained that one of Russia’s tasks in the space station project is orbit correction, a routine process that occurs several times a year.

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Gedoni: “It’s just a verbal skirmish.”

Celestial mechanics expert Jonathan McDowell tweeted that the station’s fall to the ground is not an urgent problem. The position of the orbit was corrected only yesterday by Russian means. Thus, a new correction will not be necessary for the next few months. Umberto Guidoni, Italian astronaut who participated in 2001 He was the first European to board the International Space Station: “It’s just a verbal skirmish and we hope we don’t go any further.” What is possible instead is that the entire International Space Station mission is already approaching 2025, The date on which this project is to be terminated. It was thought to be an extension but the tensions that have arisen in recent weeks could persist for years to come.

Rogozin: “You can fly with a broomstick”

Rogozin’s words also bounced back during the last live broadcast from the stadium Falcon 9The missile he built X . space by Elon Musk. In the early days of the war in Ukraine, Rogozin announced that the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) would withdraw its technical support for missions to the International Space Station. In addition to orbit correction, Russia is also interested in Soyuz capsules, which are capsules often used to transport astronauts aboard the station. According to Gedoni, this is precisely the problem, given that by the end of March, three cosmonauts are expected to return to Earth with Soyuz: two Russians and one American. Rogozin had commented on the decision, saying: “Americans, go ahead and fly with your broomstick.” Words resumed The March 9 with launch Falcon 9When the COO said to the microphones, “It’s time to fly that broom.”

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