Pretelli dinner at Mara Venier’s house without Giulia Salemi: it’s controversial


Wednesday night is different from the previous Big Brother Vip competitor

The link between Pierpaolo Pritelli and Mara Venier. As for ex-Filino Di Strecia, the news has officially entered the Good Blessings of Our Lady of Sunday. Aunt Mara – after seeing the 31-year-old on Big Brother Vip and then on Tale and Who Show – decided to enlist Pretelli for the Domenica In cast. A relationship that transcends work, so much so that Venier invited the young model to dinner.

On Wednesday evening – as many Instagram videos have proven – Pierpaolo Pretelli was a guest at the home of Mara Venier and her husband. Nicolas Carraro. Other people were present with him, including Alberto Matano, host of La Vita Live, and Mara’s Venetian cousin. The latter cooked ravioli with sauce, Neapolitan zebule and Cuccino for the occasion. Less rich and tasty, which satisfies the taste of different diners.

To provide the backdrop for an evening of good Italian music, with some songs by Renato Zero, Tiziano Ferro and Ivana Spagna sung by Mara and her friends in between sessions. Pierpaolo Pretelli was satisfied and pleased with the invitation of Venier. However, more than someone noticed Significant absence: the absence of Julia Salemi.

The Italian-Persian influencer was not present at Aunt Mara’s house: stayed in Milan, where he lived for some time and recently bought an apartment, to dine with his mother Fariba Tehrani, who was seen a few months ago on Celebrity Island.

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Just the absence of Julia Salemi at Venere’s house made some people raise their noses Prime fan Just as a couple born a year ago in Italy’s most spied on house has been renamed. According to someone, Aunt Mara could have made one “stumble” In Salemi, call Pierpaolo on the day when Julia was not in Rome.

“Couldn’t he have waited and invited Julia as well?”Someone asked over, which led to a somewhat useless and fruitless debate. However, many sided with Mara Vinier: “Mara is free to organize dinner in her house when she wants and above all with whomever she wants!”.

“When Julia is there they will make another one”, Repeat for someone else. Instead, one user pointed out: “Now this boy is no longer free to go to dinner without Julia…”.

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