Forte dei Marmi, Enel sends new tenants a credit of 35,000 euros. The user’s ex-pregnant passed away in 2015

During the past few days it was a family of Forte dei Marmi Maximum balance received from Enel Energyto get the number 35579.95 €. the old holder Of the utilities, the holder of the maximum balance, died in 2015 As stated in the edition Versilia subordinate TyrrhenianHe paid his bills regularly. The depreciations included in the bill cover a period of time from June 18, 2009 to July 1, 2020: in parallel, the heir to the house moved the supplies as of 2020, and began to pay new bills.

The family turned into experts Concomsumatory. of the consumer counter declared that “almost all of them are consumed Stipulated And in fact in the invoice there is a separate formula indicating this, but there is a sentence: the deceased user, in order not to pay these amounts, must send to the supplying company an acknowledgment of his unwillingness to pay them because they are described. This appears not to be an isolated case: “We are recording an ever-increasing number of accesses and contacts that accurately indicate requests for advice on energy bills, whether for increases or for adjustment.” The bill actually refers to a count which the director has not read and reports”Estimated and incorrect consumption“About 5,000 cubic meters per year.

Tyrrhenian Sea Reports indicate that Confconsumatori operators are challenging the maximum bill amount, filing a declaration of succession for heirs, and faxing on behalf of the heirs for non-payment of due amounts.

Top image: Source the Tyrrhenian

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