| Banyoles Television – Recòndit Festival brings Sara Roy to Camós on Friday | Banyoles Television – Recòndit Festival brings Sara Roy to Camós on Friday

Next Friday, July 5, at 9 p.m., Recòndit will continue with a concert by Sara Roy in Camós Town Hall Square. You don’t have to buy tickets for the show, as it’s free.

Sara Roy is a Catalan singer and composer who has been working in the world of music for fifteen years. He was a member of the Macedonia Children’s Musical Group when he was a teenager. At that time he was also a contestant on the famous “Factor X España” with the group Noah. He has been composing his own songs since the age of fifteen and performing them at festivals and halls throughout Catalonia. In 2021 he presented his first album (A)MAR with the support of Halley Records. In the eleven songs on the disc, the artist wanted to show a little bit of his identity. So, some are more intense and happy and others are more intimate and deep. In this sense, “The Sea” fits perfectly because it always has something to show us, it is constantly evolving and changing. The word “love” is also appropriate because it is a work done with a lot of love, care and effort. So the singer loves what she does, she loves herself and the people who have shown her confidence or inspired her to compose the various songs. From 2021 to the present, Sara Roy has been publishing some of them CelibateThe last one was “Alta velocita” in April 2024. He is currently preparing his second album which will definitely be released in the fall of this year and is touring Catalonia.

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The fourth edition of Recòndit began on March 23 and will end on July 20. The main objective of the festival, organized by La Tornada, is to decentralize culture and live music, taking it to smaller towns. For this reason, about twenty artists have performed in the seven least populated municipalities of the Pla de L’Estany region. These are Camões, Crispia, Esponilla, Palol de Rivardet, Sant Miquel de Campmajor, Serenia and Vilademols. All the concerts take place outdoors, specifically in natural spaces, to make the most of the exceptional environment of the region and enhance the enjoyment of the show in terms of space.

Recóndit will continue to offer concerts during this month. For example, Marina Rosell’s concert next Saturday in the Castell de Palol de Rivardit square at 9pm. Tickets are available at At a price of fifteen euros plus administration costs.

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