“That’s why Eleonora Giorgi and Francesco Sarsina are not there”

“That’s why Eleonora Giorgi and Francesco Sarsina are not there”

The former rival of Big Brother Phoebe Clezia Encorvaia answered some questions about the baptism of Little Gabriel by Paolo Sciavaro. Here’s what his words were.

Last week, Paolo Sciavaro and Clesia Encorvaia documented on Instagram with photos and videos an important event in their lives: the baptism of their son Gabriel. The two met when they were both rivals to the reality show Canale 5, hosted by Alfonso Signorini. boss From In fact, he was present as the child’s godfather. A very nice gesture that many expected since the presenter was the “supporter” of this union from the start.

These days, the entire Clizia Incorvaia family lives in Sicily, their native country to spend a few days of vacation between the sea and the pool after the baptismal ceremonies. A few hours ago, perhaps in the midst of ‘boredom’ or a few minutes free from her mother’s commitments, the model responded on Instagram to some intriguing questions about the event that happened a few days ago. Here’s how he responded and what he revealed about the big absentees at the party.

Clizia Incorvaia on Sarcina and Eleonora Giorgi

As soon as the influencer asked her followers on Instagram to ask her some questions, questions immediately appeared about the baptism of Gabriel, the son of Clesia Encorvia and Paolo Siafaro. Those who watched the stories that day will note two absences in particular. Those are from Eleonora Giorni, Paolo’s mother who is very close to her daughter-in-law and child, and Francesco Sarsina, Clecia’s ex-husband and young Nina’s father. Incorvaia immediately explained, without filters, the reasons behind their unexpected decision.

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Grandma Eleonora Giorgi, due to some contacts she had with a Covid-19-positive member of her family, did not feel like putting the baby and the guests at risk. So he preferred to miss the event while remaining calm about his situation and avoiding unexpected events. As for the leader Di Vibrations insteadAfter the sudden end of their relationship, they seem to have found a balance in favor of young Nina. Despite this, Sarsena still prefers not to be there to avoid embarrassing situations and the influx of paparazzi. According to his ex-wife on Instagram, he would have enjoyed the party organized in Noto for little Gabriele and not a bit.

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