More than 200 professionals from the world of dance…

More than 200 professionals from the world of dance…
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More than 200 professionals from the world of dance will turn Tarragona into a dance capital next year Tuesday, March 19, with the celebration of Professional Day Special dancewhich was born with the aim of promoting the recruitment of dance shows on the Catalan market and putting companies and professionals in the sector in touch.

Private Dance is an initiative of the Department of Culture, through toCatalan Institute of Cultural Institutions (ICEC)and its brand of internationalization Catalan ArtsI Tarragona City Council.

This morning, the Minister of Culture of the Tarragona City Council, Sandra Ramos, and the Director of the Markets Area of ​​the ICEC, Maria Basura, presented the details of this appointment. “Private dancing, in addition to promoting the recruitment of dance performances on the Catalan market and the country, aims to connect companies, municipal technicians and performing arts programmers,” Ramos noted. “This is a very important milestone for our city. It is that Tarragona takes a step forward in its unwavering commitment to dance by hosting this professional event and becoming a true capital of this artistic discipline.

For her part, ICEC Market Area Director, Maria Basora, said, “Espai Dansa must play an important role in stimulating the local market, with special attention to displaying shows in unusual settings and in non-continuous programming, such as major holidays.” “It is a market that has now become a priority for the sector, and for citizens to be able to enjoy the cultural proposals in their municipality, thus strengthening one of the axes of the government's legislative power: access to culture,” Basora stressed. Basura also explained that the “special dansa” program allows the Ministry of Culture to access a type of programmer it does not normally have access to, but who plays an essential role in the value chain of artistic proposals. In addition, this meeting complements the role of Strategic Markets (which are more focused on Spanish and international programmers), with a focus on municipal programmers in the Catalan internal market.

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More than 120 artists and dance companies from Catalonia applied to participate and 20 of them were selected by a committee that made sure to select based on the quality of the performances and their suitability for reproduction in the Catalan landscape. Spaces, respecting standards of parity, sustainability, balance between artistic genres, and encouraging emerging talent.

More than 150 programmers have registered for the day, which will be attended by around sixty members of the twenty companies who will present their dance performances, 10 in person and another 10 online.

The programmers originate mostly from the Catalan region, but there will also be the presence of other professionals from other corners of the state such as Xosé Paulo Rodríguez, president of the Comisión de Danza, Ballet y Artes del Movimiento and Teatro Rosalía. Castro in La Coruña.

The professional day will be concentrated on one day, March 19, from 09:00 to 16:00, with Displays For dance, where theater programmers from all over the state will watch 10 dance performances between the Teatro Tarragona and the Metropole and in the center of the Rambla Nova. In the same way, they will also have access to the other ten audio-visual clips that will be published on the web Special dance And in the profileInstagram From the professional day.

Champions of the private dance market

The committee that selected the art pieces consists of:

  1. Aina Paige Caamaño, Stage Equipment Manager at Figueres
  2. Alex Valverdo Palau, Coordinator of the Convent of Arts in Alcover
  3. Ana Botão Hermoso, Trimpe Culture and Celebrations
  4. Marc Olive Lopez, Mercat de les Flors Artistic Programming
  5. Margerida Truget Towell, Cultural Director and Curator of Artistic Projects.
  6. Rocio Caballero Maestro, Head of Programming at the Philippe Pedrell Hall Theater in Tortosa
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Selected proposals in Putting the show face to faceWho will present a 20-minute excerpt of the presentation to the programmers on March 19 in Tarragona:

  1. Sonia Gomez Company – My problem
  2. central Intelligence Agency. Gaston Cor – The last northern white rhino
  3. Great animation arts – after rain
  4. Tony Mira – Rhythm
  5. The board – Heir Riera
  6. Lacerda – Left hand dance
  7. To the theater – unicorn
  8. Laura Alcala Freudenthal and Irene Vicente Salas Ceia– Bob
  9. Dance of silver drops – Terra
  10. Clementine and Lessard – Misfortune mechanics

Selected proposals in Online modewhich can be seen in this siteAnd on Especial Dansa Tarragona's Instagram profile as of March 19, they are:

  1. Victor and Raul Pérez Armero -Release
  2. Laia Santanach (LaSanta Society) – We danced
  3. La Coibra – Gloria. Easy and funny work
  4. Mikel Barcelona Company – The virtuous city
  5. Elfie Balboa – Me what?
  6. Sylvia Pattett Company – Holy
  7. CIA Julia Godino and Alexa Moya – Tan prop
  8. Angel Duran Performing Arts – Cowards (Covards)
  9. Group of senior guards – Plata
  10. CIA.Vero Sendoya – Scars (match mammoths and other monsters)

During the day, participants will also have at their disposal a series of professionals who will facilitate contact between programmers and representatives of different professional companies. Among them are Margarida Truguet y Taul, Director of Organizational Theater, and César Competi – Director of the Association of Dance Professionals – APdC; o Xavi Cambon – Director of the Atrium Theater and Al Carrer de Villecans Festival and President of the Street Arts Platform (PAC).

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