March 30, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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But it’s Mietta or Imma Polese, the irony of Francesco Paolantoni’s performance on Tale and Quali Show

It is always difficult to judge and take seriously the performance of Francesco Paolantoni and Gabriele Cirelli, even in this case it was complicated.

even in VI bet From the Tale and which Show there was the usual exhibition space on the edge of reality with Gabriele Cirelli and Francesco Paolantoni. This time there was another complicated test for the strange couple: imitation amedeo Minji And the dead. How did it go? I drew the slums of the arrangement again this time. Everyone laughs on Twitter, Francesco Canino: “But is this Francesco Paolantoni or is he dead?”

Sentences of Francesco Paolantoni and Gabriel Cirelli

The performances of Francesco Paolantoni and Gabriele Cirelli are always difficult to judge and take seriously, with the exception of the extraordinary interpretation of the tradition of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

Giorgio Panarelo: “I’m crying because you did how I got old Paula and Chiara. I thought I’d seen it all, but there’s really no limit, I don’t want to know what we’ll see next week.” Loretta Joji: “And what can we say? More than a hat, I would say shampoo.” Christian Malgoglio: “I’m really upset because Mietta and Minchi…”. It’s easy to laugh here for the audience. Finally, Panarelo asks Paolantoni: “If he can close his legs while sitting because it bothers us.” Francesco Paolantoni jokes: “His shame is not, but because he is very upset.” But bitter disagreements soon surfaced later

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Loretta Jogi vs Cristiano Malgoglio

It was not a simple episode for the judges who also quarreled, as in the case of Loretta Goggi and Cristiano Malgoglio. Loretta Jogi asked the “star” to stop criticizing everyone indiscriminately because he lacks respect for the show’s professionalism. It happened during Valeria Marini sentenced, everyone crushed For her performance of Madonna with the song “Vogue”. It was a sixth episode full of emotions: nothing was really missing.