Tesla Model 2 will be built in Berlin

Tesla Model 2 will be built in Berlin

Entry form The Tesla Model 3 sedan, which was recently updated, starts at 42,490 euros in Italy. This is a number that, despite the reductions implemented by the American company in 2023, cannot yet be defined as popular. That’s why Tesla has been developing one for some time car electrical smallest And economic, which aims to a price Almost beginning 25,000 euros.

New details – Everyone is calling for her right now Tesla Model 2 In the past few hours, new details have emerged about it. In fact, in recent days, the CEO of the American company, Elon Musk, visited the Tesla factory located in Gruenheide, near Berlin. On that occasion, the American businessman was talking to employees about the car project worth 25 thousand euros. Report it autonews Who cites an anonymous person familiar with the facts. At the moment the production start date has not been confirmed, however 2025 It must be the correct year.

Clear jump – Tesla plans to increase the production capacity of the German factory by bringing it From 250,000 to 1,000,000 units Annually and in the future Form 2 It should be an important part of this expansion. The future electric vehicle will be designed on the new Gen-3 platform, which promises greater production savings, which is also possible through the innovative Gigacasting process. At the moment, it is not yet clear what the aesthetics of the Model 2 will be, even if the writer Walter Isaacson, in the biography dedicated to Elon Musk, talks about an appearance similar to that of the Cybertruck pickup truck.

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