Redessa completes works on the new Innovation building located at Campus Bellissens in Reus

Redessa completes works on the new Innovation building located at Campus Bellissens in Reus

redis He has completed the adaptation work for what will be his Central quadrant Companies, REDESA Building innovation. This procedure, responsible for Eiffage Energia, SLU, had a budget of 900,000 euros It is the first step to installing the company's headquarters T systems In this space.

From now on, the German multinational company will undertake the final work to finish adapting the facilities to its needs. The REDESSA Innovation Business Center is located in the Eurecat annex building, located at Plessins Campus to Rios.

The building consists of three added floors 1300 square meters useful It has a very functional design, with a high percentage ofCollaborative spacesintended for meetings and meetings between workers to encourage teamwork and work on the project.

The building will offer new users a comprehensive service including maintenance For facilities or video surveillance, among others, so that the company only handles its activity. the Transfer From T-Systems to REDESSA Innovation is plannedFinal chapter From 2024.

Mayor of Reus and Councilor Josep Bagues visited the new facilities. Photo: Sedida.

The second ICT city in Catalonia

In the words of the mayor of Reus. Sandra Guetta“The launch of the REDESSA Innovation Business Center is another step to continue responding to needs Subordinate Technology companies Which arrives in the city.” “Rios is The second city for information and communications technology He added: “The Catalonia region in terms of employing technological files and from the city council are working to strengthen this position and provide it with more and more services and resources to continue growth.”

According to the Economic Promotion, Innovation and Knowledge Advisor and CEO of REDESSA, Joseph Biggs“You will continue to work on attracting companies and promoting REDESSA as a company Catalyst For economic activity in the city, in strategic sectors such as technologythe innovation Oh L feed.

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REDESSA is celebrating itself this year 30 years Of activity and currently also manages business centers To live, Techno I It will annihilate. The company already manages an area of ​​23,000 square metres, with an average occupancy of more than 90%. “We're talking about the facilities that host 150 companies And about 1,500 professionalsHalf of it is allocated to the technology sector,” Page details.

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