Radio wave technology: saves lives even in case of human error

Radio wave technology: saves lives even in case of human error
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The thousandth tragedy in the United States has revived automobile technology that could save children’s lives.

There is an incident that happened in recent weeks in the United States, which makes us understand its magnitude Road technology has revolutionized our lives. Primarily for the greater safety of our lives and safety, when we are inside the vehicle.

The episode we’re about to tell you about It happened in Louisiana, where a family man named Tyler drove off to leave his youngest son with a babysitter. After the man woke the little boy, he put him in the safety seat where his brother usually sat. But the problem is that once he gets into the car to drive, he is out of this situation It became impossible to see the son behind him.

And on that day too, Tyler had a lot of ideas in his head. In fact, the man was taking on the role of the important manager within a welding company, and thinking about the difficult day ahead, he completely forgot to leave his son with the babysitter, While the outside temperature continued to rise.

It was indeed a very hot day, with very high temperatures inside the parked vehicles, even in the shadeAnd they can even reach a hundred degrees.

In the United States, many children left behind by their parents die every year in the United States

Unfortunately Tyler forgets his son in the car and parking: The child dies Because of the temperature the car reached in the parking lot. A terrible death, and unfortunately this is not the only insane act committed by a parent with unforgivable oversight.

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In the United States, nearly ten children die every day every year because of this. Even in our country, we often read stories like this in the newspapers. To put an end to this phenomenon, many car companies have begun to create successful new technologies and systems Much like radars.

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How radio wave technology works that can help parents when they travel

These devices are able to detect the presence of people inside the car, and warn the driver, even when exiting the car, that someone is still inside. Remind that in this case He would have saved Tyler’s son’s life.

This new technology of radio waves is giving very encouraging results on these radio frequencies Which smartphones also use to communicate with external radio signals.

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