Elettra Lamborghini, a showgirl who refused to be adopted | Here because

Elettra Lamborghini, a showgirl who refused to be adopted |  Here because

Millie Carlucci – Newscinema.it – Source: web search

Millie Carlucci had to give up. He did not succeed, and the broadcaster received the news in tears. What happened?

Millie Carlucci with her Dancing with the Stars show is one of the queens of Rai’s evenings. She, together with a few of her colleagues, is still able to give RAI excellent results in terms of ratings and results that allow us to confirm that the audience still loves the format very much. In fact, Dancing with the Stars hasn’t missed a beat since 2005.

The show is popular because it gives the show’s characters space, to be seen while they devote themselves to something that might be too far away from them. Every year, there are many dignitaries who propose themselves to Queen Meili’s court. His task, as always, is to assemble a cast capable of effectively capturing the attention of an increasingly demanding audience.

This year, in fact, Millie really outdid herself and put together a very good group of dancers. They think about keeping the audience’s attention high Simona Ventura With his partner Giovanni Terzi, but also Lorenzo Tano (Son of Rocco Siffredi), Paola Perego And all others within the program. Meanwhile, between one performance and another we reached the third date of the season.

The live broadcast was full of surprises and discoveries. The first was for Paolo Pelli, Millie Carlucci’s right-hand man, who revealed the injury of Paola Perego, who broke a rib after falling during training. But the news that made everyone feel so sad was something else, and this is what happened.

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Millie Carlucci couldn’t hold back her emotions

This year’s Dancing with the Stars has reached its third episode. There will be 10 in total and they will hold the public company until December 23, to determine the winner just before Christmas. Meanwhile, in the playoff the next evening, there would be Giovanni in third place and Rosanna Lambertucci, and it turned out that the two were the ones with the fewest points.

But this news fell because Millie Carlucci had to confront the statements of one of the dancers she wanted Leave the programThis is Lino Banfi, one of the final favorites. What happened to the actor? Why do you want to withdraw from the race?

Lino Banfi in Dancing with the Stars - Newscinema.it

Lino Banfi in Dancing with the Stars – Newscinema.it – Source: web search

Lino Banfi wants to leave the program

As every evening, Lino Banfi performed with his dancer Alessandra Tripoli, but after receiving the judges’ vote, which was also good, the actor decided to speak out and, as reported by Biccy.it, he spoke out, saying that he wanted to leave the plan . “What more can I get from everything I’ve received in these three episodes? I want to leave it to someone who deserves it more than me.“What Banffy fears is that he has an advantage.

Millie Carlucci, like Alessandra Tripoli, remains stunned, because she didn’t think those were Lino Banfi’s intentions. She herself begs him to think about it, not make hasty decisions and asks him to wait until the end of the evening. He accepts, although he states that his mind will not change. Only the next live broadcast will reveal the actor’s decision.

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