Terra Amara’s decision infuriates all fans of the series about what happened

Terra Amara’s decision infuriates all fans of the series about what happened

Decision to change programming Famous and followed Suba Terra ArchitectureHe seems to have greatly disappointed his fans. The new Turkish TV series, which is watched every day by millions of viewers, was broadcast last August 6 for a short time, which greatly disappointed the audience.

To know everything about the Terra Amara series and previews of the new episodes, I advise you to read what was reported.

Earth Bitter Conspiracy

Terra Amara, a TV series of Turkish origin, consisting of four seasons, with a total of 141 episodes. It is a soap set in Turkey in the 1970s, and its two main heroines are Zuleiha Yilmaz. The plot begins with the story of the two lovers who pretend to be brothers leaving Istanbul to escape to it kukurova, after that Yilmaz Kill the man who attacked him Zuleiha.

time earth

The beautiful and captivating plot of bitter landWhich tells the story of the fate of two lovers, broadcast daily at 2.10 pm on Channel Five. this Turkish TV drama, which arrived in our country in 2022, is greatly admired and followed by Italians. It’s a thick plot of intrigue, passion, and deceit, with many unexpected twists.

All users can Turkish soap, in the Live TV section. All episodes of the translated series are “Once upon a time in Cukurova”, found in the Mediaset Infinity archive. to View all episodes of Amara LandThere is an option upon request.

Floor architecture changes programming

The change of programming for the sopa Terra Amara, for which a mini-episode was broadcast, was not well appreciated by the audience. In practice, and in order to be able to broadcast the last episode of the girl and the officer, Mediaset decided last Sunday to reduce the duration of the episode of the famous series.

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time earth
time earth

Post recent Small episode of the series Tera Amara. Other changes and developments are expected in August. In fact, the Mediaset schedule says so starting August 13th The week of August 15th, Terra Amara will also be suspended.

So starting next week, in the usual afternoon slot, new programs will not air Terra Amara rings, But only the reboots are inherent in the first season of the successful soap. a lot Soaps and programmes, in the days around August 15th, will be suspended and replace them with replicas.

With regard to the news, it must be said that starting from September, it can be broadcast after men and women. with the new table, Terra Amara can be broadcast from 16.45 to 17.45. Moreover, as of September, it appears that the Sunday episode of Turkish Soba will be eliminated, to make way for Amici Di Maria De Felipe.

Advance Terra Architecture

after Breaking new episodes of Terra Amara, scheduled from August 13-27Starting August 28, new episodes will be broadcast. Regarding progress on New episodes of Tera Amara, The first news is that Behis stabbed Hunkar to death.

After Hunkar learns some of Behice’s secrets, she suggests he leave the country, but rather than be intimidated, Behice mortally wounds her. Wanting to stage a robbery killing, the woman steals the jewels from Honker’s corpse. Meanwhile, Demir, Hanker’s son, finds out that his mother is so tell me They want to get married, but he doesn’t know yet about his mother’s death. Killing the mother will have dire consequences for fate Demir.

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Meanwhile, Yilmaz explains that he tried to kidnap his son Adnan Just to distance him from his great rival Demir. The two historical lovers Zuleiha WilmazSeparated by an unfamiliar fate, he has now lost hope of getting back together.

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