March 29, 2023

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How much money did Ilary spend and what did she find out?

New discoveries, flaming, about the end of the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi. talk now Ezio Dente, The private investigator hired by Mediaset host to follow up on the now ex-husband. The man gave an interview to the weekly newspaper Nuovo, in which he revealed that he took the position last April 22. A job that lasted until July and cost the Plassey a lot. “In Elari’s case €75,000 spent – Explanation of teeth – The cost is justified by the type of high-end hardware used: GPS, infrared cameras, cars and motorcycles, drones, and above all hours and hours.”

Other facts of the private investigator

The involvement of a private investigator I hired Elari Place Confirmed by Francesco Totti himself, who in the famous interview with Corriere della Sera also confirmed that he had found some Bugs in his car. Details are now denied by Ezio Denti: “This is absolutely not possible. Bed bugs can only be placed by the judicial police and with the authorization of the investigating judge. As investigators, We can alternatively install GPS on cars, outside, So that we can follow the movements of the allegedly faithful husband. It was the same for Totti.”.

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Elari Blasey, The Thrilling Awakening Drives Fans Crazy!

“Totti still loves Elari Blasey”

In the case of Totti, I revealed curiosity to you: he saw on his wife’s mobile phone a message saying: ‘You have arrived, I will wait for you at the hotel.’ That message was for meregarding our meeting at which Elari hired me.”then revealed Ezio Denti to talk about next Noemi Bocchi: “It’s a pictorial version of Ilary, it’s usual for him to cheat on his wife with such a woman. In the case of Totti I feel like saying that he still loves his wife. I think he got into another relationship because he feels like something is broken now with Ilary.”

Alicia Soledani, Elari's hairstylist and Totti comments: This is it

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Alicia Soledani, Elari’s hairstylist and Totti comments: This is it

The case of Buffon Seredova D’Amico

The Special Counsel also referred to another similar case Totti and Elari: “I remember that Alina Seredova Call me to take charge of “Kicked Out” Gigi Buffon And I was the one who took the pictures that showed the player with the presenter Ellaria D’Amico in Milanfrom which the scandal erupted.

From football to TV: all the couples who broke out in 2022

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From football to TV: all the couples who broke out in 2022

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